The future of Paiblock Coin; Interview with Mark Arthur, founder and CEO of Paiblock

Paiblock Coin

Paiblock coin is a stable cryptocurrency that provides payments, exchanges, remittance, and authenticity verification.  Paiblock coin’s mission is to create and maintain a global coin economy that is accessible to all, minimize coin volatility, and return to CPU-based and energy-efficient mining. Paiblock coin differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies in that the Paiblock Blockchain also provides full support for NFTs, authentication, and verification for brands as a way to fight counterfeit, registration and verification of diplomas, self-sovereign identity, and ultimately a payment network that financial services can leverage for their global wire transfer needs.  

Could you give us a walkthrough of the Paiblock blockchain dApp ecosystem?

dApps are the key to circulating and promoting the use of Paiblock coin in the ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of 2 types of dApps, the reward dApps, and the general dApps. The Reward dApps are dApps that are contributing to the growth of the ecosystem by introducing functions within the services that use Paiblock coin. Reward dApps facilitate the Paiblock Coin Economy by offering Paiblock coin to ecosystem participants as a reward. General dApps are non-Reward dApps that participate freely in the Paiblock Blockchain ecosystem, offering Paiblock Blockchain-based services.

What were the problems with the existing virtual currency Ecosystems before Paiblock Coin?

There are four major problems plaguing the vast majority of cryptocurrency ecosystems, these are investor-centric ecosystems with a focus on securing fast financial gains instead of helping coins mature to become a new medium of exchange for participating users; volatile and fragmented coins economies, with a focus on daily price and trading volumes; poor usability due to the nature of cryptography, and a huge carbon footprint due to the nature of special chipsets used to mine coins, and to process transactions. 

Tell us more about the upcoming Initial Exchange Offering of Paiblock coin and the future of Paiblock coin?

Starting from February 2022, Paiblock coin will be distributed through an initial exchange offering on Paiblock Xchange and two third-parties crypto exchanges. As a result, 100,000 coins will be sold and airdropped to investors, digital artists, brands, universities, and financial services.

How will Paiblock Coin overcome the current downward trends and lack of trust in the crypto market?

Paiblock coin will help reverse the current downward trends and lack of trust in the crypto market, by building a blockchain-based ecosystem that is accessible to all, based on strong and equitable distribution of wealth, user-friendly, energy-efficient, and driven by four principles: 1) Rewarding those who participate and create value within the ecosystem; 2) Allow Investors to buy a limited amount of coins, 3) create a balanced and interconnected ecosystem that can benefit both users, investors, and society at large; 4) Build an ecosystem that is easy-to-use for both tech-savvy and beginners.

Tell us more about Paiblock blockchain NFTs space 

Paiblock blockchain provides new capabilities that allow digital artists to mint their artworks on the blockchain at the lowest total cost of ownership. Artists of all stripes can mint up to 900 artworks for just 1USD. Paiblock NFTs space also hosts two sets of collectibles: CryptoPops and CryptoPandas, these are uniquely generated characters that can be owned by an individual or company – and like any art, they function as either a collector’s item or a commodity for trade.

Who are the Paiblock blockchain developers, tell us more about your team and what makes you special?

Paiblock blockchain is developed and maintained by the Paiblock team, a diverse and multi-disciplinary team working at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence. 

On the Paiblock blockchain milestones, what is next on your roadmap?

The next step is to diversify participation channels and to provide Open Network connectivity to general and rewards dApps and ultimately to achieve interconnectivity with other blockchains. 

Any available opportunities for investors and partners at Paiblock you would like to share with us?

Absolutely, a limited amount of coins will be sold to investors through an initial exchange offering on Paiblock Xchange and two third-party exchanges during February 2022.

What is your growth strategy for the Paiblock Coin Economy?

The value of a blockchain network is essentially contingent upon how many people trust and use the network. The past few years have witnessed a substantial amount of new services being introduced to facilitate the mainstream acceptance of blockchain products. Being able to distribute Paiblock coin to users and investors worldwide using dApps will allow the Paiblock Blockchain Network to grow considerably the next 5 years to become one of the world’s leading coin economies,  

Do you have more information for our readers today?

I do, the Paiblock coin distribution is based on a fair and equitable distribution of wealth to investors and ecosystem participants alike, and is accessible to all.

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