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The Future of Motion Graphics

The volume of content an average person consumes in a single day is increasing at a progressive rate. And, frankly speaking, it doesn’t look as if the pace of growth would slow down, any sooner.  

We are caught up daily in consuming eye-catching content. We only stop scrolling when we come across something really attractive and easy to digest. 

Frankly, most of us watch videos on mute on social media. Most people use LinkedIn during their office hours. So, a lot of content is watched on mute. 

While plain text can often be difficult to grab the attention of most viewers, muted videos won’t do much good to draw their gaze (any longer than a second or two). There has to be more. 

But what? How can you as a brand break through the noise in the head of the overstimulated consumer?

Motion graphics. It’s creative and can catch eyeballs instantly.

Now, most people would mistake motion graphics services for only curating gifs. That’s not true. In fact, the use of motion graphics has a broader scope. You can use it in GIFs, videos, and even to animate texts. 

Motion graphics may come in handy to turn mundane web pages or social posts into compelling content that grabs attention and makes the viewer stay with you till the very end. 

The application is widespread in the industry. You will come across several long-form videos, commercials, and films that make use of motion graphics. 

Motion graphics can work like a magic wand that can bring an abstract idea to life in a spark. That won’t just pique the curiosity of your viewer, but delight their experience and draw them emotionally towards your brand. 

With advancing tech and innovation in the animation industry, we can say that the talented artists working in the niche may have a bright future. 

But, to understand how animators or digital artists of today can embark on a journey of a promising career, it would serve well to us, if we figure out how opportunities would pan out in the future. 

This guide is specially dedicated to the future of motion graphics. What opportunities we’ll encounter? What are some threats or perhaps limitations?

To find out, keep reading. 

How can you invest in the future?

The After Effects World which was previously known as the Adobe Video World is a conference that invites top artists, animators, motion graphics designers VFX artists as well as filmmakers from all over the world. 

Adobe, itself organizes this mega conference event. It does so with the cooperation of top studios. The event is attended by the most brilliant artists in the industry. Aspirants and pros see the event as a heavy-hitter. 

Even art directors find the event as their paradise to spark creativity and learn from the best of the best. The event progresses over three days, the first two days invite a large audience, whereas the third day closes the event. 

The event has ground-breaking sessions that involve Adobe-certified instructors and After Effects Engineers giving training and talks to excited young talent. 

So, if you wish to invest in your future as an animator or motion graphics designer, then this event is for you. 

You’ll have this fine chance to learn first-hand from the developers of After Effects. They’ll give you the background for tool advancement and provide you with some hints on where they’re going in the future. 

So, you can have some idea of what skills you need and how you’re going to level up your game in motion graphics. 

In addition to learning, there are four insights into the future of motion graphics. 

Growth of Artificial Intelligence

Adobe has been exploring the deep learning and machine learning space for the past few years. 

And, there will continue to do with even greater intensity, given the expansion of the AI landscape in the digital world. Top Texas animation studios are already adapting to the latest rollouts in AI.

For Adobe, they would work relentlessly on AI tech that can be automated to speed up production. And, Adobe Sensei is part of the strategy. 

Tech companies working in motion graphics already know that the public is getting used to the current tools. They want a better experience that can skyrocket their working efficiency. 

And, to achieve that, Adobe Sensei will contribute to the solution. 

The Roto Brush you’re using today, will only need a couple of tweaks or hardly 10 seconds of work to complete the job that takes tens of hours. 

Motion Graphics Live Output

Adobe Character Animator has been a ground-breaking advancement in motion graphics. The new tool is faster and amazingly more fluid than the previous tools. 

Adobe recently went a step further with the tool. Now, the user only needs a webcam and microphone. The tool is gifted with quality AI tech to mimic facial expressions and head positions. How quickly do you expect the tool to do it?

It does it in real time. Fascinating, huh?

What’s even more exciting is that Adobe Character Animator can perfectly integrate with Adobe After Effects. That too seamlessly. 

The trend toward tool integration

Tools integrating to provide you greater functionality and ease your job is not anything new. Plus, what’s good news for motion graphics designers is that Adobe is constantly working on integrating its tools now and then. 

Yes, you no longer need software that has it all. But you can seamlessly integrate these amazing tools to skyrocket your efficiency. 

Artist Efficiency

The future of motion graphics will have more emphasis on artist efficiency. Tool integration and advancement in AI will all contribute to enhancing artist productivity. 

Adobe Engineers are constantly striving to aid artists, making their work easier, and faster. As artists will have a lot of spare hours, they would be able to use their time in exploring new ideas and experimenting with their creativity. 

One thing’s for sure, if you’re a motion graphics designer, you won’t be disappointed with what’s about to come. 

Bottom Line

To wrap up, motion graphics can change the user’s experience with videos in no time. These are not just delightful to watch but are fantastic to increase dwell time on content. That’s a key metric for any marketer. 

Besides, the future of motion graphics is promising. We believe that there will more emphasis on artist efficiency, tool integration, and live output. Plus, the boom of AI tech will also do a ton of good to ease your job in no time. 

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