The future of lending is here, meet RAD Lending

RAD Lending is announcing it’s Pre-ICO, the RAD tokens will be available to all investors, including U.S. accredited investors. The proposed RAD products include a p2p crypto-secured lending platform with revenue profit sharing, a crypto-backed card with a credit limit, digital credit scoring and credit history, and a potential decentralized blockchain-agnostic escrow service for managing security deposit across various blockchains .

Meet the RAD Lending platform

Introducing the RAD Lending platform, a foundation for the financial products for the modern crypto economy, where a family of RAD credit products — personal and business loans, credit cards — will help filling the gap between crypto holdings and real-life fiat spending.

RAD Lending’s peer-to-peer (p2p) lending platform will use the benefits of the blockchain and smart contracts for its crypto secured credit products. The platform will connect fiat money investors looking for the predictable yield, with crypto-asset holders looking for loans in easily spendable fiat. By accepting crypto assets as a collateral against loans, and using the guardrails of the blockchain and smart contract technology, the platform will mitigate risks for both investors and lenders. Read more about their platform in their whitepaper.

Use cases for the RAD products

The RAD products will benefit many actors of the current crypto ecosystem, and will help connecting traditional fiat investors with the crypto world. The company aims to close the gap between modern fast-moving clients and traditional banking. Some of the use cases include crypto miners, small crypto businesses, Post-ICO companies, exchanges, traders and traditional fiat investors.

The team behind RAD Lending

The team behind RAD Lending has decades worth of combined experience in banking, finances, IT, and marketing. With core members that are recognised professionals in traditional IT, banking and finances, trading, and blockchain, the technical leadership is a rare breed of blockchain professionals with experience of scaling real-world blockchain implementations with off-chain transactions on payment channels.

Pre-ICO announcement

The RAD Lending Pre-ICO is set to start on 15th May, while the whitelisting process is already underway for potential investors. Aiming to live up to the highest compliance, RAD Lending’s Pre-ICO is available to investors from all over the world, including U.S.accredited investors.

RAD token holders will share revenue from all services of RAD Lending platform and its products.

Pre ICO is hard capped at $5 million and offers discounts up to 40% for the first $1 million raised and 30% for the remaining investments until the hard cap is reached.

Check RAD Lending’s website and whitepaper, or ask direct questions from the team on Telegram.

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