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The Future of EdTech: Paul Showemimo’s Journey Integrating AI in Learning

EdTech – educational technology – is a rapidly growing field. In 2021, the worldwide market for EdTech was estimated at 115,022.22 million USD. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.32% over the forecast period, with expectations to reach a value of 467,263.92 million USD by the year 2027.

Within this landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining traction both as a useful tool and a strong concern when it comes to cheating and plagiarism. Educator and entrepreneur Paul Showemimo points to shocking statistics indicating that well over half of students admit to having committed plagiarism – and most (95%) have cheated in some way.

Enter EduReel.

“We already know that AI is transforming multiple industries, like healthcare, data analytics, finance, cybersecurity, and many more,” says Showemimo. “Education is being hurt by AI-powered cheating and plagiarism – so I conceived of a platform to combat that by using AI against itself, so to speak.”

Showemimo has a history of entrepreneurial experience in EdTech. Long before AI became a buzzword, Showemimo had developed a keen sense of market needs and a vision to revolutionize education. He then set out to blend technology with learning. His early ventures laid the groundwork for understanding the complexities of the educational ecosystem and the potential of technology to address its challenges.

The emergence of AI in education presented a unique opportunity and a set of challenges. “I quickly recognized AI’s potential to transform traditional learning paradigms,” says Showemimo. “But I knew there were pitfalls, like the potential erosion of academic integrity and over-reliance on technology. Being aware of the obstacles shaped my approach to integrating AI into education.”

His innovative spirit and industry-rich insight has led him to embrace new technologies; and now his savvy platform EduReel is setting new industry standards by helping educators combat the problem of cheating. Along with his team members Stephen Onwe, Constance Oshafi, and Togo Amano, Showemimo is making waves in the AI and edu-tech spheres.

So how does it work?

EduReel blends AI-assisted tools with traditional teaching methods. This platform enhances the assessment process by enabling educators to create custom, curriculum-aligned questions that promote critical thinking. EduReel’s AI algorithms assist in generating a variety of insightful questions, tailored to different learning objectives and difficulty levels. The platform allows for comprehensive customization of quizzes, providing educators the flexibility to edit, rearrange, or add their own questions. Once prepared, these quizzes can be easily distributed to students using a secure and unique code. 

EduReel boosts student engagement by supporting various response types, including written, multiple-choice, and video, catering to diverse learning styles and assessment strategies. For educators, EduReel simplifies the review and grading process with an efficient interface, saving time while offering detailed feedback and integrated analytics to pinpoint areas of student strengths and weaknesses. The platform has exclusive features like real-time plagiarism checks, seamless integration with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), accessibility options for all students, and advanced analytics for data-driven insights. 

When he created EduReel, Showemimo envisioned an advanced EdTech platform that would demonstrate how AI can enhance the educational experience while upholding its core values. Key aspects of this integration include:

  • AI-Driven Personalized Learning: Recognizing that each student’s learning curve is unique, EduReel leverages AI to tailor educational content to individual needs, making learning more effective and engaging.
  • Combating Academic Dishonesty: Showemimo steered EduReel to use AI in creating dynamic and unique assessment questions, making it harder for students to resort to dishonest means.
  • Efficiency in Administration: AI’s integration in EduReel isn’t just student-focused; it also aids educators by automating administrative tasks, allowing them to dedicate more time to teaching and mentoring.

Paul Showemimo’s approach goes beyond conventional use of AI in education. He emphasizes a holistic integration where AI is a tool to empower, not replace, the human elements in education.

“I felt that video-based assessments were key, because it encourages a more authentic gauge of student understanding and expression,” says Showemimo. “Simply put, it makes it a lot harder to cheat. And I felt it was important to use AI algorithms to provide real-time feedback to students, adapting to their learning pace and style, a feature that personalizes the learning experience to an unprecedented degree.”

He says that because EduReel provides educators with AI-generated insights into student performance, they can tailor their teaching methods to individual student needs more effectively.

“It hasn’t always been easy to get this platform going,” says Showemimo. “The biggest hurdle was integrating AI in a way that respects educational values and ethics. We also had to overcome skepticism from traditional educators and ensure data privacy. We tackled these through transparent practices, ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, and stringent data protection measures.”

For the future, Showemimo is focused on expanding AI’s role in customized learning, enhancing the AI algorithms to better understand and adapt to diverse learning styles and needs. He wants to bridge the tech-education gap, reducing the disparity in access to AI-enhanced education across different regions and demographics.

Showemimo is also committed to continuous innovation. “Keeping EduReel agile and responsive to the latest AI developments will be a priority,” he says. “I want the platform to remain at the cutting edge of EdTech.” 

Integrating AI into learning through EduReel is a vivid illustration of innovation meeting necessity. Showemimo’s work in advanced tech has reimagined how education can be delivered in the AI era. EduReel demonstrates how technology, when used thoughtfully, can significantly enhance the quality and accessibility of education. 



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