The Future of Cyberattacks and Cyberwar

While year after year the globe continues to become a more and more digital space, the security around those digital spaces hasn’t always maintained that same pace. This unfortunate trend has begun to rear its head in Ukraine as its war with Russia continues.

In the first few weeks of 2022, over 150 cyberattacks were launched against Ukraine. This led to several government sites going down, an infection of countless Ukrainian digital spaces, and a call across the globe for greater cyber security.

Russia is theorized to be using Ukraine as the testing ground for a lot of new cyberattacks. Cyberattacks are more specific actions taken to shut down electrical grids, disrupt technology, and self-destruct infrastructure. 

Cyberwar, on the other hand, is more akin to a natural disaster in widespread electricity and food supply disruptions, explosions, and general disruption to everyday life. The Russia-Ukraine war is one of the first major examples of a cyber war being enacted against a nation.

This is scary for, of course, the people of Ukraine, but for the world at large as well. Cybersecurity has been bolstered in Ukraine, the U.S., and the West as a whole in response to these cyberattacks. War will not just be held physically, not just economically, but digitally as each year passes.

Next Gen Cyber Warfare

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