The Future of Blockchain in Central America

Blockchain, the technology best-known for underpinning Bitcoin, is an emerging sector of the economy. An increasing number of companies are gravitating towards blockchain, only to find that it’s not straightforward because: it is new technology, it is relatively unknown and its implementation like any technological change, involves organizational risks. In addition, and this may be the main practical problem for companies, there are not many blockchain professionals available in the field.

Consequently, the growing trend to implement blockchain technology has resulted in several providers offering Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) for businesses that prefer to outsource the development of their blockchain solutions.

So BaaS joins other similar terms such as IaaS or probably the most common, “Software as a Service”, SaaS. All these services offer basically the same advantages: savings, since it is paid by fixed contract or consumption, and simplicity of use. Technology companies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and ChainZilla already offer BaaS services in Central America.  

ChainZilla: Facilitating Adoption

Most people are introduced to blockchain through cryptocurrencies. Blockchain allows a new way of making transactions without the need for banks or third parties such as PayPal. Moreover, it gives us the ability to create autonomous contracts, tokenization of assets, and development of p2p payment systems. These tools allow us to transfer value and information with increased autonomy, security and transparency.

“Blockchain is going to change the way we think about money, and it will challenge the transparency and trust placed on the traditional systems. Central America is becoming a tech hub that will play a crucial role in the development of these technologies and ChainZilla will be there to facilitate the adoption. “  – ChainZilla CEO

The real question is, could these technologies be used for other fields such as industrial processes, public administrations, health, law, the media, or cybersecurity? Blockchain gives us the potential of achieving inmutable and transparent voting systems, avoiding possible manipulations in elections, facilitating follow-up in supply chains, shielding contracts, protecting intellectual rights, unifying medical histories, facilitating bureaucratic procedures, and much more.

These new technologies have the power to impact our lives and industries. Services like ChainZilla are at the forefront to allow companies to implement these disruptive technologies with speed and efficiency. ChainZilla offers end-to-end blockchain solutions. That includes development of blockchain-based applications, management of token sales, blockchain migrations, cybersecurity, and consulting. Additionally, ChainZilla, being the first company of its kind in Central America, has garnered the support of Komodo Platform and NEM, together they will onboard new projects and share their knowledge with universities to seed a new wave of blockchain development in the region.

“We will help our clients create new models for the implementation of blockchain and the development of practical applications. We are ready to tackle any task that presents itself. ” – ChainZilla CEO

ChainZilla provides end-to-end support. This includes the creation of infrastructure, applications, identity management, payment process, monitoring tools, and fast execution. Startup projects like Bosque Guardian and ABEE are already using ChainZilla’s services to onboard their projects to networks like Komodo and Qtum.


Do you know of a company that wants to implement blockchain, create an application, or launch a cryptocurrency?



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