The Fusion Foundation – Developing The Backbone And Infrastructure For Cryptofinance

The Fusion Foundation is creating an organization which will serve as a support system for cryptofinance and the team is made up of key players in the financial sector. Their intelligence team is responsible for providing strategic guidance and resources for cryptofinance and they are expected to be fully functional by 17th of May.

With top financial investors such as, Daniel Petrozzor, Jeff Singer, Eric Weinstein, and Najam Kidwai who are willing to pick-up roles that will help foster the development of this wonderful initiative, it is expected that Fusion foundation will be successful.

The Industry Adoption Group

These are selected group of people who are saddled with the responsibility to promote the concept, vision and the collaborations of Fusion. These selected individuals are chosen based on their residual knowledge and background about blockchain technology and the traditional financial industry.

The benefits of Fusion to the financial industry will surface when its technology is used by existing blockchain projects and already established financial institutions. So, it is imperative that the selected group of people needed for the project should be adept with the use of blockchain technology and have a background understanding of how an indigenous financial industry works. Having this industry adoption group is instrumental in Fusion achieving its focus as outlined. More information will be passed across when these selected people are finally absorbed.

The Matrix Community Organization

In its quest to touch more ground – reaching out to more people and communities. Fusion management team is expanding its horizon by appointing ambassadors who will represent the organization in different parts of the world. The primary assignment of these ambassadors is to promote the idea of cryptofinance. People from varying interest groups like trading, art, technical, and so on can partake.

Distributed multiple token wallet Dapps

Fusion is creating a chain that connects multiple tokens efficiently. With the influx of token at every passing month, Fusion is granting users the privilege to combine varying token together. The founder of Fusion Dejun Qian stated that “the distributed private key control service permits other crypto users to pay back with other cryptocurrencies”.

Token Swaps

At the end of the crowd sales, the FSN ERC-20 token will be distributed to clients. When the main-net is live, then the FSN ERC-20 token will be swapped for FSN- which is FUSION’s native token.

Collateral Loans

The Fusion Loan IQ offers a global platform with a single data model with a scalable operational process. It creates a form of fast lending process for small business and complex commercial centers.

It runs on a software that offers optimum service to clients at all levels of the loan cycle which are; syndicated lending, loan servicing, settlement, and trading.


With board members who are experienced in the financial sector, Fusion is geared up towards accentuating people with cryptofinance. The founder of fusion Dejun Qian stated that “fusion will continuously spread adoption of cryptofinance, we have taken that first step in making cryptofinance a world known reality while still creating understanding and awareness of blockchain technology”.


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