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The Funnest Brand of B2B Sales: Inside Winn.AI’s Ryan Reynolds-Esque Viral Campaigns

Going viral is every marketing team’s prime goal. But in the world of B2B where campaigns are often data-driven and often centered around serious business discussions, achieving virality can be a daunting challenge. 

But as the global business ecosystem evolves, B2B organizations are starting to loosen up, incorporating out-of-the-box ideas that offer a pathway to virality. From campy satires to slapstick humor, these new marketing strategies cut through the noise and make one’s content share-worthy, sparking conversations that extend beyond boardrooms and corporate meetings.

By infusing a dose of humor and creativity into one’s B2B marketing efforts, they not only increase their chances of creating content that goes viral but also break down barriers, making a company’s brand more approachable and relatable to a broader audience. This expanded reach can translate into more leads, increased brand visibility, and ultimately, business growth.

Case and Point: Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is the prime example of leveraging one’s authentic humor, dry wit, and sarcasm to make a well-oiled B2C marketing and advertising machine. His success as a marketer is evident through his work with Aviation Gin, which he acquired in 2018. His unconventional ads propelled the brand into the limelight, establishing it as a major player in the spirits industry. 

What sets Reynolds apart is his ability to infuse humor and authenticity into his branding, whether it’s promoting Mint Mobile as a no-nonsense alternative to major carriers, engaging with fans through self-deprecating humor as the owner of Wrexham FC, or using a sardonic wit to redefine Aviation Gin as a refreshingly unconventional brand.


In every endeavor, Reynolds’ humor and authenticity have struck a chord with audiences, making his marketing campaigns stand out and his brands more relatable. His unique approach has not only driven brand success but has also solidified his reputation as a marketing maestro who knows how to make a lasting impression.

Winn.AI Does It Again With #CelebrateSales

Sales tech startup Winn.AI is no stranger to innovative marketing campaigns. Just three months ago, they launched a cleverly coordinated series of videos featuring people demolishing their keyboards with small axes. It was a brilliantly orchestrated viral campaign to coincide with the general availability of their product—a cutting-edge AI-driven, no-typing CRM designed to eliminate the need for manual typing and revolutionize sales teams. The campaign’s impact was nothing short of remarkable, with tech enthusiasts and salespeople sharing their keyboard-smashing videos on social media using the hashtag #NoTypingCRM. This resulted in over 90 videos amassing more than 5,600 likes and achieving a staggering 500,000 impressions.

They did it again this time with their #CelebrateSales, where Captain Quota intruded podcasts and meetings of sales professionals, breaking into a jingle of “What Can You Do To Hit Your Quotas?” 

As the hashtag suggests, Winn.AI’s goal is to do more than just provide cutting-edge sales technology; they aim to celebrate the accomplishments of sales teams. In an industry often characterized by high-pressure targets and intense competition, Winn.AI’s lighthearted approach serves as a reminder that sales professionals should take pride in their achievements and find joy in their daily work. This campaign not only showcases their commitment to innovation but also their dedication to supporting and uplifting the sales community.

In today’s evolving marketing landscape, humor, creativity, and authenticity are becoming indispensable tools for success. The viral marketing genius of Ryan Reynolds, known for infusing his branding with humor and authenticity, sets a remarkable standard. Similarly, Winn.AI’s innovative campaigns, like #NoTypingCRM and #CelebrateSales, highlight how creativity and humor can resonate with audiences while celebrating the achievements of sales professionals. These examples illustrate that unconventional strategies are not merely trends but vital for capturing attention, fostering relatability, and achieving success.

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