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The function of selecting partial messages in Telegram

Partial selection is a new feature that allows users to copy only a part of a message, which is useful for copying formatted content such as bold, italics, or strikethrough text. This function also works with different types of links and can be used on messages containing several links in succession.

Selecting partial messages allows users to copy partial messages in a specific format

Selecting partial messages in Telegram(Telegram中文版) allows users to copy part of a message that is in a particular format.

This function can be used with messages containing bold, italics, or strikethrough text, and even different types of links.

The function is made possible by the fact that Telegram has a “Copy to Clipboard” feature which allows users to copy messages and share them on other applications.

This function can be used with messages containing bold

If you’re familiar with Telegram, then you probably know that messages that contain bold, italics, and strikethrough text can be separated from the main body of a message using a special character:

After pressing this button, you will see a link to the selected part of your message. You can send it in a new message or simply copy and paste it into any app on your device.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to get the same functionality on WhatsApp. You will be able to highlight any part of your message using a special character and send it as an attachment to your friends.

Available on higher versions of Telegram (Android | iOS)

The partial selection function is available on Telegram (Android | iOS) from version 5.10 or later.

This function is also available for users of Telegram when using the web version or using macOS, Linux, and Windows apps.

Telegram Select is a small group of users who have been invited to join the program. The purpose of this group is to test new features before they are released to all Telegram users.

Users of other versions can also use this function

Partial selection is one of the most important features that come with the latest version of Telegram. With it, users can select only a part of the message for viewing or editing. This function is also available for users of Telegram when using the web version or using macOS, Linux, and Windows apps.

With this function, you can select messages from group chats as well as from private chats. You can delete partial messages which have already been sent to save space on your device’s memory card by freeing up space from saved files (these are stored in your device’s storage), but if you do not delete them after receiving them then they will remain there until you choose to delete them yourself or until there is no more free space on your memory card left available for saving new ones onto it again

You can also log in through the web version

If you have not yet updated the Telegram application, you can update it through Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), or log in via the web version to use it.

Android: Scan the QR code below with your phone and click on the “Update” button. Or download our APK file here, then go to Settings » Security and turn on “Unknown sources”. Finally, install it.

iOS: Download our IPA file here, then double-click on it and tap open in Xcode. Then go to General » Device Management and activate your developer profile there. After that go back again to General settings and select ‘Signing’ under Code Signing Identity as ‘iPhone Developer’. Finally open Telegram(电报中文版) from Xcode again!

Hope our guide can help you

I hope this article has helped you better understand the partial selection function in Telegram. It is a very useful tool for communicating with others on the platform and will help you save time when it comes to sharing information or copying content from other users’ messages. You can find more information about how to use this feature by following our guide here.

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