The Fresus NFT Collection Promotes Unity and Generosity

Fresus NFT is an exciting new NFT collection. It revolves around a colorful character named Fresus, also known as “Frog Jesus.” He comes from the snowy mountains of Japan and has recently decided to leave his sacred pond to train his new disciples in all things NFT and reward the good deeds of his community.

Fresus prides himself on his sharp tongue and quick wit. He is a frog deity who represents the unity of all faiths, philosophies, backgrounds, and cultures. He has extensive life experience and gives sound advice on NFT, cryptocurrencies, and life to his loyal followers on Twitter every day.

He is self-deprecating, has no ego, no shame, and does not tolerate foolishness. As a wise old soul, he knows better than to engage with trolls. It is impossible to provoke Fresus. Fresus lives by his catchphrase DBAI (Don’t Be An Idiot) and encourages all his followers to do the same.


The Fresus community ethos can be described as helpful, playful, generous, spiritual, and inclusive. Our goal is to create an interactive social product that gives back to the users. Joining

gives members weekly, sometimes daily, contests, raffles, and giveaways. There will also be various community-building events and unique experiences focused on health and wellness.

Though many new NFT projects run along similar lines, we have spent many hours structuring a smoothly-functioning ecosystem that is self-perpetuating and gratifying to engage with. Our marketing team has a long history in the NFT and crypto space and is experienced in structuring incentives and events that make projects interesting and exciting.

Membership Benefits

Stamp Collecting

“Stamps” are a special type of reward NFT that can be collected by Fresus NFT holders. Early adopters into the Fresus NFT ecosystem will have the privilege of collecting Stamps before others. Participating in community outreach is the easiest way to collect Stamps. Stamps will also be distributed in games and contests.

stamp card empty-01.png

There will be 4 categories of 10 Stamps, as shown above. The Ohm, the Fish, the Dreidel, and the Hamsa. Every time a Fresus NFT holder earns a stamp, it will be a random stamp among the 40 unique possibilities above.

Important: Each unique Stamp in your collection gives an added chance to win weekly raffles. Duplicate Stamps do not add a higher chance of winning.

Completing a category doubles the chance of that category. For example, if the Dreidel had 9 unique Stamps, that would be 9 chances. If the last Stamp was earned or obtained on the secondary market, the Dreidel category would provide 20 chances instead.

Completing the entire Stamp card doubles the chance of the entire card, which would be 160 total chances.

Raffle and Contest Rewards

Aside from cash prizes, the Fresus team is committed to creating unique merchandise to help cultivate a deeper sense of belonging and immersion. These prizes include pendants, yoga mats, socks, t-shirts, crocs, and other unique items.

Real-Life Events

The Fresus NFT team is busy researching new and innovative ways to interact and give back to its community.

For those in near proximity, real-life community gatherings will be the standard at conferences and events around the world. Our parties will bring a unique flavor to the crypto space instead of relying solely on drinks and music. Relaxing, spiritual retreats are the goal of Fresus NFT get-togethers.

Virtual Events

Every week, the Fresus NFT Official Discord will host a guided breathing session for all NFT holders. Each session will be unique and powerful, hosted by successful figures in the meditation space.

The Discord server is also home to the “Silent Confessional”. Members can confess their “sins” to Fresus, who will absolve them during the weekly Twitter Space. The confessional submission will be anonymous to everyone but a very few on the Fresus NFT team, which will not include Discord mods.

Community Chest

The Community Chest is where revenue generated from the platform will be deposited. This will create a transparent rewards system that the community can feel free to audit to ensure the fair disbursement of prizes.

Funding Future Initiatives

The community will soon have the chance to vote on future initiatives and new projects that the community believes will either benefit their own ecosystem or add fun expansions to it. We already have our ideas for new drops, but we will put the decision in the community’s hands when the time comes.

The Fresus NFT project will grow in accordance with the will of the people.


We worked very hard to ensure a flowing, functioning ecosystem that would be able to grow and sustain itself while rewarding participants fairly.

Ecosystem revenue model as users complete their Stamp collections at a 75 USD floor price

Assuming full participation and secondary market trading to achieve full Stamp cards, we have already determined the best course of action for incentives and rewards based on revenue generated by the closed Stamp ecosystem. This does not take into account Fresus NFT sales, which will add more to the Community Chest and determine the scope of future initiatives.

The royalty fee of 7.5% will go directly into the Community Chest.


Book of Fresus, Vol 1 – Genesis

3690 NFTs – 0.035 ETH

The first drop. Early adopters will have an inherent advantage in the future raffles in perpetuity because of their ability to begin collecting Stamps first.

Genesis holders will be “whitelisted” to mint up to 10 Stamps in the third drop.

Book of Fresus, Vol 2 – Rana: 

3690 NFTs – 0.035 ETH

The second drop. Obtaining an NFT from the second drop will still give early adopters a chance to begin collecting Stamps earlier than those who buy the Fresus NFT later on the secondary market. 

Rana holders will be “whitelisted” to mint up to 5 Stamps in the third drop.

Book of Fresus, Vol 3 – The Licking: 

24-hour Minting Window – 0.01 ETH

The third drop. This will be a limited-time window to mint Stamps. Only Fresus NFT holders will be able to participate in this minting window. 

After this Minting Window, Stamp collection will become more difficult.

Whitelist Process

The Fresus NFT team is doing its best to ensure organic, genuine engagement and adoption of our ecosystem. 

Whitelist Perks

The 2000 Whitelist spots will grant the winners:

  • Access to mint 3 NFTs
  • A 10% discount on mints
  • One free Stamp per NFT minted

Whitelist Guidelines

Our Whitelist (Allowlist) process is simple. If you are granted an OG Role (Bullfrog) in Discord, you will be eligible to sign up for the Allowlist in the allowlist-claim channel. The OG Role will be given to those who earn it according to the guidelines. Again, being granted an OG Role is synonymous with being granted an Allowlist spot. 

  • The fastest way to receive an Allowlist spot is to flex a good deed on Twitter, hashtag #gooddeed, and tag @WeR1NFT. Providing a photo (taken with consent) is ideal.
  • Be active in Discord by participating in activities and reach Level 10
  • Share your best Health Tips or Ask Fresus questions on their channels
  • Be an integral part of the community by helping newcomers and onboarding them about the Project.
  • Initiate or run activities and games that help the members be active.


Official Links:

Website – Twitter – Discord – Whitepaper

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