The Franklins Announces Their Proactive Plan to Make a Statement in the NFT Metaverse

The Franklins NFT is moving across the metaverse, conceptualizing its goal as promoting an equitable, free and vibrant environment within the digital ecosystem. The Franklins have undertaken their journey across the metaverse as one of a creative and unfolding storyline.

The tale goes like this: While setting up a new environment for turtles to save them from global warming, research scientists were working on experiments that would send them across “Franklins Metaverse.” However, during the experimental testing process, there was an accident. That accident caused Franklin, the story’s premier character, to lose his shell. Now, Franklin has to fight against his childhood memories, scattered throughout the metaverse, to get it back!

With that storyline, the Franklins NFT has also initiated its journey across the digital ecosystem. The collection is uniquely different from the mainstream NFT collections currently in the digital space. Combining creativity with an enthusiastic approach has brought eccentric features and rewards for the community and gained the rapt attention of numerous users. In the process, the project examines equality, freedom of expression, and our inalienable rights. With a focus on these three primary morals, the Franklins NFT is a meaningful experience for its users, helping them to both express their differences and opinions and to ask deeper questions.

The project has planned a series of progressive developments across its metaverse, which include integrating an interactive gaming component for users via Sandbox and a series of game releases across that platform. Along with that, The Franklins NFT is currently maintaining a community across the digital channel under dedicated DAO rules. Their approach to growth across the digital space is both exceptional and playful.

To bring momentum to their growth, The Franklins NFT has partnered with other NFT projects, including Lucky Loin Club, Gooniez Gang and BabyAzuki NFT. These partnerships were promoted with whitelist spots to bring the digital community’s attention to The Franklins NFT.

About The Franklins

The Franklins is an NFT metaverse based on a storyline about a turtle, Franklin, who has lost his shell. Now, he’s fighting his childhood memories to get it back! The project is based on the morals of equality, freedom of speech and our inalienable rights, creating an environment for users where they can speak their hearts openly. The Franklins NFT is bringing an entirely new story-based experience to users in the digital ecosystem.

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