The First Time Home Buying Program: Guide to FHA Insured Loans

The [FHA] Federal Home Administration loans are government-backed loan that stands out as an ideal option for all first-time home purchasers. 

The loans come with flexible eligible needs, which means if you have a low credit score and restricted payment savings, you will easily get approval for the FHA loan. That’s why this type of loan is much better than the conventional one. 

However, the loan’s approval policies come with additional rules and costs, which you should know before you opt for the FHA loan. 

FHA Loan: A Brief Explanation 

FHA loans are certified by the FHA or “Federal Housing Administration,” which is a government firm that follows all the lending regulations. All these regulations have been set up by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

As FHA is known to back this type of loan, lenders will provide borrowers with excellent loan-related terms and reduce the bar to become qualified to obtain the loan.  

To obtain the first-time homeowner program, you also have to pay for two kinds of mortgage policies. These two policies will protect the lender from all the losses when you don’t make all the mortgage payments. 

Even though the FHA loan is for first-time homebuyers, you can also be a homebuyer who wishes to purchase a home for the 2nd time. Compared to other types of first-time homebuying programs, you will not come across any income restrictions. 

This type of income limit is provided to high-income earners as an extra option for a loan, especially when they don’t meet a 620 credit score, which is normally needed for conventional loans. 

Federal Housing Administration Loans: How It Works?

When you have a credit score of 580, you will be eligible to borrow around 96.5% of the value of a residential property with the help of an FHA loan. Here, the down payment is 3.5%.

Even when the credit score is between 500 and 579, you will become eligible for the FHA loan, but you have a down payment of 10% for it. 

For the FHA loans, you can get the down payment through a grant for the down payment assistance, a monetary gift from a relative, or savings. 

What are the Requirements for the FHA Loans?

The Federal Home Administration Loan works exactly the same as the other kinds of home loan programs, and they also have certain requirements. You have to become eligible for this type of loan based on your employment history, credit score, and income. 

You also have to verify whether or not you have the funds for the closing cost and the down payment. But remember, the mortgage requirements differ greatly from all the other home loan programs. 

How to Apply for the FHA Loans?

You can easily apply for this first-time homeowner program with a mortgage lender or a bank approved by the FHA. It’s possible to apply for the pre-approval for this type of with a reliable lender. 

Apart from that, the lender will take 1 or 2 days to obtain all the financial data to either issue or deny the pre-approval for the FHA loan. That way, you will know how much amount you can borrow while not binding yourself to anything.

What are the Types of FHA Loans?

Under the FHA loans, you will come across several types of loans that you opt for. Some of them are:

1.      Section 245(a) Loans 

This particular loan is for borrowers who have income increment expectations. The GPM [Graduate Payment Mortgage begins with less monthly payment, and it slowly upsurges over time. 

The GEM [Growing Equity Mortgage] has been planned to increase on a scheduled basis. But both GPM and GEM come with a shorter loan term.

2.      [HECM] Home Equity Conversion Mortgage 

HECM is known as the reversed mortgage program that helps individuals who are over the age of 62 to transform the equity within their homes into cash. 

But they still get to keep their property’s title. The homeowner has the right to extract the funds in a line of credit, a monthly, or a blend of both.

3.      FHA 203(k): Improvement Loan

This is a loan that enables people to take out the loan for two primary reasons, which are for home renovation and home buying. The loan is wrapped around the repairs and rehabilitation of a home, which will become the borrower’s main residence. 

4.      FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage 

This loan is pretty similar to the FHA 203 (k) loan program, but it only focuses on home upgrades, which can help lessen the utility bills. You can use this loan for several upgrades, such as a wind energy system, solar energy system, or new insulation. 

Final Thoughts

The FHA loans are ideal for all those people who are planning to purchase a home for the first time. You can easily obtain this loan from companies like Next Level Lender, a well-known and reliable service provider that can help you get a loan of your choice. 

Whether you need advice on home loans or are looking for one, they will discuss all your objectives with you and will tell you how exactly you can achieve them. 


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