The first knockout cryptocurrency from AMC jumps into the octagon!

AMC cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency boom first swept football, then sports betting, and now it has reached MMA! 5 years ago, boxing legend Mike Tyson made an attempt to become part of the crypto community with his crypto wallet. Several years ago, a personal token appeared in the Spanish FC Barcelona, and in 2020 the magic of NFT tokens was practiced by Khabib Nurmagomedov and a number of other world-class athletes. 

The results were impressive. With the crypto market expanding in all directions, there are more and more blockchain fans, and they are happy to receive news about crypto-collaborations of their favorite athletes. It was obvious that crypto-adoption would divide the world into two camps: the first would enjoy the benefits of blockchain technologies and delight its audience, and the second, from the stage of denial, would watch the leaders of this race going forward from the sidelines. 

The financial sector is in business and with them IT, the field of business management, and ambitious IoT technologies. Even the agricultural and commodity sectors are learning to use blockchain to optimize internal or logistics processes. The sports and competitive industries are on the way, but do they have anything to take up the challenge?

Already Yes. The sports promotion of mixed martial arts AMC Fight Nights Global is creating its own coin, which plans to become the core of a large and versatile platform, first in the world of MMA, and then in other areas of big sports!

The blockchain platform from AMC will connect promoters, investors, fighters, spectators, fans and trainers into a peer-to-peer decentralized network, reducing the number of intermediaries, securing financial transactions and providing a number of bonuses and privileges to AMC token holders. But more about all this below.

АМС Fight Nights Global іs the largest MMA promotion company in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, cooperating with TOP fighters and organizing fights on the best arenas in the world!

Over the years of its successful activity, the achievements of a sports organization are:

  • Over 1,000 battles
  • 100+ international tournaments
  • 750,000+ fans and subscribers
  • 1,500,000 visitors to AMC (MMA) tournaments
  • 24 World Champions
  • 500+ TV broadcasts

By creating an electronic platform using completely new technology for the world of sports, AMC Fight Nights plan to develop this symbiosis at the global level, showing its effectiveness and potential. Development managers cite fundraising, building decentralized solutions with provable integrity for investors and members of the AMC Fight Nights ecosystem, and social assistance for injured hard-sport fighters as top goals.

 The AMC token should ensure the functioning of a whole range of new services and products created on transparent blockchain technology. First of all, it will be a simplified and understandable policy for investors. Fans will have access to Fair Betting, a decentralized p2p betting service. In addition, it is planned to release NFT-cards of fighters, as Khabib Nurmagomedov did. An increase in the rating and popularity of a fighter will generate income for the cardholder, increasing its value.

Кроме того, держатели токенов AMC получают эксклюзивный доступ к частным шоу MMA в рамках акции, VIP-место, тренировки со своими любимцами и множество других преимуществ.

The implementation of the plan is not long in coming, because the pre-sale of the AMC token is in full swing! The price started at $0.2, and now the coin can be bought at $0.4. After the completion of the second stage, the cost of the AMC token will rise to $0.8, so hurry up!

All tokens purchased at the pre-sale stage have their own blocking period on the contract. Freezing is necessary to prevent the price of the coin from falling after the listing of AMC on crypto exchanges at a price of more than $1.

The interest in the project among the community is huge, because the platform from AMC received the “Blockchain Project of 2021” award at the largest Blockchain Life forum in Moscow, which brought the idea of AMC Fight Nights great popularity and support. You can join AMC and become in the forefront of mixed martial arts tokenization right here.

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