The First ever FOOTBALL GOAL COIN sells for $950 in auction!

The article unveils the victor of The FIRST EVER FOOTBALL GOAL COIN auction, which occurred just under two weeks ago. Krakenbuyers8 emerges as the successful bidder, securing the unique collector’s coin with the highest verified bid of £950. 

The coveted FGC collectors coin holds historical significance as it will be minted from the goal scored by none other than Diego Maradona during the iconic Mexico 1986 World Cup quarter-final against England, a moment etched forever in football history.

The organisers met with Krakenbuyers8 in person (his handle and not his real name), who graciously allowed them to present the momentous auction win. Krakenbuyers8, an ardent supporter of the cryptocurrency world, expressed particular excitement about the forthcoming full launch of the Football Goal Coin ecosystem, featuring its innovative mining protocol. This protocol grants users like him the opportunity to mine new FGC coins without requiring costly investments in equipment.

During their conversation, Krakenbuyers8 disclosed that he regularly acquires the organisers’ ICO tokens, finding great value in purchasing them for just £1 each. He shared insights into his trading strategy, which involves a balanced approach of holding for price increases and selling 10% of his holdings whenever there is a 50% price surge. He believes Football Goal Coin is the leading up and coming crypto to look out for in 2023 and 2024.

As a reminder, becoming a part of the Football Goal Coin’s initial coin offering (ICO) requires a mere £1 or the equivalent in the participant’s local currency. The investment process has been streamlined, offering multiple payment options, such as debit card, PayPal, crypto, and bank transfer, to cater to everyone’s preferences. Opening an ICO account is entirely free, and the dedicated team is always available to assist with any issues.

What is Football Goal Coin? Football Goal Coin (FGC) is an innovative fintech ecosystem deliberately designed for global acceptance. It seamlessly blends football and blockchain technology, offering investors a pioneering project with immense growth opportunities. The FGC ecosystem encompasses a wide array of comprehensive global services, including Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Exchange, Escrow, Mining System, Payments, Lending, Franchise, Off-The-Grid Storage, and DAO Management Committee.

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, and Football Goal Coin (FGC) has emerged as a groundbreaking project generating significant buzz among enthusiasts. Currently in the midst of their Initial Coin Offering (ICO), FGC has garnered attention as the “new Bitcoin” on social media platforms. With eager investors rushing to sign up and purchase FGC tokens at the attractive price of $1, the ICO presents a golden opportunity to become a part of this revolutionary fintech venture. 

Football Goal Coin (FGC) is much more than just another cryptocurrency. It is a visionary fintech project aiming to revolutionise the world of digital finance. The core concept behind FGC is to combine the global passion for football with the power of blockchain technology, creating a unique ecosystem that benefits both buyers and investors alike. 

During the ongoing ICO, Football Goal Coin is offering its tokens at an unbeatable price of $1. This special rate is time-sensitive, encouraging investors to seize the opportunity before it expires. By allowing participants to invest with as little as $1, FGC opens up the playing field to a diverse range of investors, regardless of their financial status.

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