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The First Batch of BendDAO BAYC – BAYC 842 and BAYC7860 Sold Soon After BendDAO Starts Liquidation Auction Mechanism

On August 19, the floor price of BAYC fell below 70 ETH, and BendDAO began to liquidate BAYC through the auction mechanism for the first time, instead of selling NFTs to the market, reducing the risk of triggering serial liquidations.

It is reported that the auction information on the BendDAO chain has been highly concerned by many bidders in the industry since it was released. At present, 2 BAYCs have been liquidated in the first batch of BendDAO – BAYC842, and BAYC7860, which were highly sought after by the market. The purchase prices of 82.64ETH and 68.69ETH were received by the same bidder. So far, the final bidder is not known. 

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