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The Expertise of Satish Karuturi Reveals the Complexities of Safely Migrating Organizational Apps

Satish Karuturi, first from left, with Vitech’s V3 Core application team.

In the 21st century, cloud-based apps have become so integral to employee productivity and customer relationships that most, if not all, companies use them daily on some level. Legacy systems, however, remain an issue. Businesses that want to capitalize on the cloud’s technological advancements must first migrate their apps and corresponding data to the new systems, which is tricky at best and, if not done correctly, potentially catastrophic.  Enter Satish Karuturi, , who for over ten years has been engineering new digital architectures for organizations and facilitating smooth cloud migrations. Below, Satish talks about how he successfully led the V3 Core project for Vitech, which mitigated the V3 Core application into NGE digital applications as well as upgraded clients’ apps to Postgres DB. As his experiences show, empowering organizations to leave behind legacy systems requires an exceptional commitment to details, patience, and skill.

As Vitech’s Associate Technical Manager, Satish managed a migration project that would impact the insurance, retirement, investment, and healthcare industries. His first task was to build the right team. “App migration requires meticulous attention to each stage of the process, so I made sure that my team would include five incredible engineers,” Satish explains. “Once I had brought everyone together, I created a timeline of deliverables, including migrating the application from V3 Core app to Next Generation Experience app, migrating a few client apps from Oracle to Postgres Database, and also implementing the Claims Center Digital application in React.js.”

The complex migrations could not be accomplished without first understanding, interpreting, and translating business requirements into the necessary designs and documentation. Satish met with key stakeholders, asking questions, listening closely to their answers, and using the information to adjust the overall process. He attended multiple POD calls to estimate deliverables and finetune the sprint plan. Back in his office, he worked tirelessly on the application architecture and redesign of the existing applications, including the green field design of the next generation of connectivity and algorithmic OMS platforms.

Satish relied on his extensive experience with Java, AWS, Elastic Search, MongoDB, GWT, Tapestry, Oracle, and Postgres DB to progress the migrations at a rapid pace. He led his team in brainstorming ideas for the development of new features and components for supporting the existing platform, including further enhancements of the product. He also worked with the design team to implement core components, such as security to the NGE apps.

“Nothing ever goes perfectly, of course, so I had to troubleshoot performance problems along the way,” Satish recalls. “I had to fix issues in the GWT and Tapestry core codebase apps and write new components by using Java and React.js. I also upgraded existing Oracle procedures and SQL queries to Postgres-supported queries.”

When the migration of the V3 Core application to NGE and the upgrades were all successfully completed, Vitech’s clients were appreciative, as they now enjoyed a new playing field, one that would provide them with the potential to increase their revenue and save on their budgets. Satish was also promoted due to his leadership, technical acumen, and ability to complete the project on time.

“App migrations are very complex but are very powerful for organizations, as they can be free of legacy systems that inhibit their growth,” says Satish. “I am very thankful that my skills are enabling more businesses to discover their real potential in the digital age.”

About Satish Karuturi 

For over 10 years, Satish Karuturi, a respected Associate Technical Manger at Vitech Systems, has been driving innovation, leading cross-functional teams, and delivering engineer solutions. Satish has a proven ability to secure cloud infrastructure and applications using industry-leading tools and practices, and he is experienced in designing, implementing, and monitoring complex security solutions for AWS and GAIA cloud environments. His educational background includes, pursuing a Ph.D. in Data Security and Data Encryption in Cloud Computing at Mewar University, Rajasthan, India, and a Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering from JNTU University, India. He regularly publishes articles on cloud data security and cybersecurity.

To contact Satish, please reach out to him on LinkedIn.

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