The Evolution of Gift-Giving: Group Gifting in the Digital Age

The upsides of group gifting have made it a popular option for birthdays, baby showers, and beyond. By allowing participants to pool their resources, which is one of its key benefits, group gifting empowers the purchase of more substantial gifts. That means you can buy that 5-in-1 luxury baby stroller for the parents-to-be or Taylor Swift tickets for your favorite Swiftie’s birthday.


The downsides of group gifting include a whole lot more headaches when it comes to coordinating participants, contributions, and the ultimate selection of the gift.


“If you have ever had to organize a group gift, you know it can be frustrating,” says Eshed Doni, Founder and CEO of GiftCrowd. “You need to collect funds, keep track of who gave what, choose the perfect gift, and write a note on behalf of everyone who contributed. These are common dilemmas that can make group gifts a hassle.”


Doni is an entrepreneur with a proven knack for leveraging digital tools to solve real-world problems. Throughout his career, he has been the inventor of or key contributor to dozens of products, many of which were the first of their kind.


With GiftCrowd, Doni has created the ideal online group gifting solution, essentially taking all the stress out of group gifting. “In the modern age, gift givers and recipients need a digital-first and hassle-free approach for better group gifting online,” Doni says. “That is what GiftCrowd provides.”


Why people love GiftCrowd

By providing a digital dashboard for organizing and managing group gifts, GiftCrowd makes the process convenient and flexible. It enhances everything that is great about group gifting and does away with the headaches.


One example of the power of GiftCrowd is the inclusivity it brings to the process, essentially making sure that no one is left behind.


“The traditional approach to gift gifting can be expensive,” Doni says. “It can easily put individuals in a tough spot financially, especially if they feel they need to overspend on their budget to purchase a meaningful gift. With group gifts, givers can contribute as much or as little as they wish and still play a part in bringing joy to the recipient.”


GiftCrowd takes inclusivity to the next level by ensuring that the amount contributed by each individual can be kept confidential, or shared with the recipient. Neither the other contributors nor the gift recipient knows the contribution breakdown, which helps make giving easier for every budget.


Making sure recipients get the perfect gift

Another problematic part of the gift-giving process involves the struggle to come up with the perfect gift.


“Picking out the perfect gift, even when you know someone well, can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor,” says Doni. “Even after you select something, you can find yourself doubting whether you’ve selected the right gift.”


GiftCrowd ensures that no one is ever disappointed with their gift by giving recipients the power to choose for themselves.


“GiftCrowd offers a selection of gifts from more than 400 top brands, which means the recipient can have fun selecting a gift that tickles their fancy,” Doni explains. “It’s a great feeling to know that the person receiving the gift will be happy with it. GiftCrowd makes sure that happens every time, while also taking the stress out of the selection process for the gift givers.”


Streamlining the group gifting process

The GiftCrowd platform also requires far less time from the organizer. Because the process is online, there’s no need to hunt down participants to collect their contributions, which can be time-consuming and uncomfortable. It streamlines the financial side of the process by making everyone responsible for their own contributions via preferred payment methods.


The streamlined collection process makes GiftCrowd an ideal tool for parents to use when organizing teacher gifts. The platform handles all gift contributions and greetings, meaning the parent who organizes the gift doesn’t need to spend any time tracking parents down. Once a gifting campaign is set up, GiftCrowd automates the entire process, even delivering gifts directly to teachers.


“GiftCrowd is the stress-free teacher gifting solution,” Doni says. “Parents don’t need to worry about collecting or handling funds, and teachers always get a gift they enjoy because they choose it themselves. It’s delightful for teachers, hassle-free for organizers, and free for everyone including organizers, gift participants and recipients.”


How GiftCrowd works

The GiftCrowd process is simple. Once they register with the platform, users create a gift where they enter the recipient’s name and the deadline for contributions. GiftCrowd provides a link for the page that the organizer can share with everyone who may want to contribute. Those who take part in the group gift handle their own contribution and provide their own personalized greeting.


“Whether you are looking to put together a teacher gift or organize a group gift for a coworker, coach, or friend, GiftCrowd is your digital solution,” Doni says. “It makes the process simple for gift givers and allows the recipient to select a gift they will love. It truly is group gifting made easy.”

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