The Evolution Of Enterprise Wireless Charging

Wireless charging technology has revolutionized the way that businesses charge and power their electronic devices once before. By eliminating the need for cords and cables, wireless charging can make it easier for employees to keep their devices powered up and ready to use; however, that was the early standard for enterprise-wide device management.  Today, there is a new option, literally on the table, called DeepCharge.

DeepCharge is a technology system that turns any surface, albeit a desk, table, or another area, into a full wireless charging station.  It removes cords and cables completely and devices can charge together, or individually, at the same time.  There is no need to match apple to apple and the devices use simple accessories that are fully cordless to charge.  According to Yousof Naderi, the CEO and Co-Founder of DeepCharge, “enterprises demand 10x more convenience in their charging and productivity and the DeepCharge technology gives them that.”

One of the key benefits of wireless charging for the enterprise is the convenience factor. With wireless charging, employees can simply place their devices on the DeepCharge-enabled surface to keep them powered up, rather than having to search for a nearby outlet or remember to bring their charging cables with them. This eliminates the need for additional tech support, cable closets, or other expenses, and can be especially useful in conference rooms, offices, and desktop areas where surface space is at a premium.  By being able to charge “on demand” without cables or cords, productivity is enhanced, bottom-line costs are reduced, offices are safer, and the entire organization is significantly more environmentally conscious.

Another benefit of deploying the DeepCharge system in the enterprise is the reduced risk of damage to devices caused by frayed or damaged charging cables. When devices are charged using a wired connection, there is always a risk that the cable could become damaged or frayed, which can lead to charging issues or even damage to the device itself. DeepCharge eliminates the risk to devices as well as literally any cable-related concerns.  By literally cutting the cord, DeepCharge empowers a more sustainable practice while enabling enhanced creativity.

Wireless charging through DeepCharge is far more cost-effective for businesses in the long run. While the upfront cost of the system is a bit more expensive than traditional wired charging solutions, long-term cost savings can be significant. The system is networked and enables charging and device charging upgrades for approximately a decade, so there is no need to replicate the charging system annually.  As a networked system, DeepCharge updates the charging surface when updates are released. 

Overall, the adoption of wireless charging technology in the enterprise has improved productivity, reduced costs, and promoted sustainability. As the demand for convenient, hassle-free charging solutions continues to grow, along with the number and varieties of devices deployed in the enterprise, deploying a system like DeepCharge simply makes sense.

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