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The Everlasting Royalty: The Enchantments of a Princess Cut Diamonds

The Enchantments of a Princess Cut Diamonds

In a world where elegance and brilliance collide, the allure of princess-cut diamond rings reigns supreme. These resplendent gems encapsulate a timeless essence that has captivated the hearts of many, leaving them spellbound by their magnificent charm. The exquisite princess-cut diamond ring embodies a regal flair, captivating the modern generation with its rich history and enchanting beauty. 

Let’s set forth on a journey to explore the captivating allure of these magnificent jewels and delve into the profound significance they hold for those who embrace royalty.

The Royal History:

The story of the princess-cut diamond ring begins centuries ago, steeped in the mystery and splendor of royal lineage. It was in the early 1960s when master diamond cutter Arpad Nagy and renowned jeweler Ygal Perlman collaborated to create a revolutionary cut that would leave an indelible mark on the world of jewelry. Combining the brilliance of the round brilliant cut with the clean lines of a square shape, they birthed the exquisite princess-cut diamond. Instantly, this new cut captured the imagination of the world with its majestic appeal and symmetrical beauty.

What is a princess cut diamond ?

The princess cut diamond, commonly referred to as the square modified brilliant, rose to prominence as a symbol of elegance and regal status. Unparalleled brilliance and fire are produced by its distinctive facets, which were carefully cut to form a remarkable cross-shaped pattern when viewed from the top. The sharp edges and captivating sparkle contrast reflecting the dynamic character of life itself, making it an appropriate representation of the ever-evolving path of love and dedication.

A princess-cut diamond has 57 facets and a square form with a sharply curved corner. The facets are divided into two groups: 33 on the pavilion, 21 on the crown anatomy, and the final 3 on the girdle location.

Simply put across, the princess cut diamond’s triangular and star-shaped facets on the table to pavilion anatomy to act as a storage hub for brilliant light.

The princess-cut diamond ring is, without a doubt, unique in the world of engagements and weddings. Couples from all over the world are drawn to the princess cut’s charm because of how well its contemporary aesthetics suit modern tastes. The princess-cut diamond, used as the focal point of a proposal, exudes promise and dedication, enhancing the memory of the occasion.


Beyond its ornamental appeal, the princess-cut diamond holds deep symbolism that resonates with the essence of royalty. The princess-cut diamond ring symbolizes power, tenacity, and sovereignty, just like the crown jewels that have adorned the heads of kings and queens throughout history. It represents the unbreakable connection between two spirits, joined by love and dedication and prepared to set off on a journey of common goals and objectives.

Something for everyone – Versatility of Princess Cut Diamonds! 

The princess-cut diamond ring adapts to many individual preferences with ease, whether it is displayed in a traditional solitaire setting, encircled by a halo of lesser diamonds, or enclosed by a sleek and contemporary band. The wearer’s individuality highlights the jewelry’s ageless attractiveness, making it a standout piece that exudes grace and confidence.

The 4C’s for identifying the perfect princess cut:

Remember the golden rule? Excellent cut, Low clarity. That perhaps is the best advice to keep in mind when purchasing diamonds.

Carat: The princess cut rings’ 1 to 3-carat weights are sufficient to give the fingers an illuminated appearance. The halo, three-stone, or delicate styles of bands are excellent for choosing a 1-carat princess cut diamond for an engagement rings.

Princess cut diamonds of 2 or 3-carat weights make wonderful choices for solitaire, Toi et Moi, solitaire accent, or bespoke, one-of-a-kind styles. 

Additionally, a 2-carat princess cut ring is quite a stunning option for a halo or solitaire style with 18kt yellow gold attachments.

Clarity: Diamonds with a preferred clarity are good candidates for princess diamond rings. All carat weights of princess cut diamonds with VVS1 to SI1 clarity are acceptable. Princess cut diamonds in these clarity grades have fewer inclusions that serve as an exception and don’t interfere with light reflections. It is a perfect cost-effective option for a princess-cut engagement ring.

Color: The color grade of a diamond specifies whether colorful or colorless lights are reflected, according to the GIA, a diamond’s color grading ranges from colorless to fancy color or D to Z, respectively.

A diamond that is D to E in color graded (the best) and has a white reflection. A diamond also reflects lovely lights, such as the yellow found in diamonds with color grade Z.

Cut: When choosing a princess diamond, it’s crucial to focus on its pavilion anatomy and the placement of facets on the girdle. Opting for an excellent to good cut grade is recommended for this particular diamond shape.

For instance, selecting a fair cut in a princess diamond may result in a deeper pavilion, leading to an unattractive or wide girdle thickness. On the other hand, a poor-cut princess diamond might exhibit a pavilion resembling a large stomach with a thicker girdle. This compromises the diamond’s ability to reflect light effectively, resulting in weak and unstable light resonations.

To ensure optimal beauty and brilliance in princess diamond rings, it is advisable to stick within the mentioned ranges of excellent to good cut grades.

Conclusion: Embracing Timeless Elegance and Enduring Love with Princess Cut Diamonds

The timeless allure of the princess cut diamond has captivated people from all walks of life, including celebrities, royalty, and everyday individuals. Renowned stars have proudly showcased these majestic gems at glamorous events, solidifying their status as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. From Grace Kelly’s iconic engagement ring to modern-day celebrities like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, the princess cut diamond has graced the hands of numerous prominent figures, leaving an enduring mark on history.

In conclusion, embracing the enchantment of the princess cut diamond goes beyond its glamorous facade; it signifies the acknowledgment of the enduring legacy of these radiant gems. The diamond’s exceptional durability serves as a representation of everlasting love, reminding us that love, like these precious stones, withstands the test of time, shining even brighter as time passes. As we cherish these exquisite treasures, let us also adore the profound significance they hold, inspiring us to embrace the royalty within ourselves and celebrate the eternal splendor of love.

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