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The esteemed Deepin Desktop Environment, a pinnacle of Linux desktop design, warmly embraces its version upgrade

Since its debut in 2013, the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), born in China’s Linux open-source community Deepin has continuously made history in the Linux field. It not only launched the first desktop application store on the Linux platform but also pioneered desktop technology with innovations like an intelligent assistant. DDE pioneered the technological landscape by becoming the first to support high-resolution screens, software package signing, and facial recognition login features. These innovations signify DDE’s technical leadership and demonstrate its efforts to push the boundaries of Linux.

Like other international mainstream desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE, XFCE, DDE is globally popular and has been ported to major Linux distributions including Arch, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Manjaro.

At the recent Deepin Developers & Users Conference (DDUC), the preview version of DDE V23 made a stunning appearance, igniting a wave of fervent excitement within the open-source community. With the open-sourcing of various components of DDE V23 and improvements in code stability, maintainers of different distributions have begun porting the new DDE desktop environment. Thanks to the collective efforts of maintainers and community contributors from different distributions, many have already adapted the main components of the DDE V23 desktop environment. Let’s explore which distributions have already embraced the new experience of DDE V23.

DDE V23 – Arch Linux

Maintainers: @felixonmars

Official Website:

Installation Guide:

Arch Linux, a well-known rolling release distribution, has always maintained DDE for its users. Thanks to the efforts of @felixonmars and others, Arch Linux’s DDE components have been upgraded from version V20 to V23. Arch Linux users can experience DDE V23 by following the installation instructions in the Arch Wiki.

DDE V23 – UbuntuDDE

Maintainer: @openarun

Official Website:

Ubuntu, known for being beginner-friendly, offers different desktop environments through community contributions, including DDE. UbuntuDDE, customized by the UbuntuDDE team led by @openarun, provides an exceptional experience with the simple, elegant, and user-friendly DDE desktop environment, along with Ubuntu’s software support ecosystem.

DDE V23 – NixOS

Maintainer: @rewine

Official Website:

Installation Guide:

NixOS, celebrated for its unique atomicity, high reproducibility, and exceptional flexibility, has added official DDE desktop environment support, thanks to @rewine and others. Users can now experience the new DDE V23 environment on NixOS. However, due to NixOS’s maintenance strategy, the default supported version is still DDE V20. For those eager to try V23, follow the installation guide provided.

DDE V23 – openSUSE

Maintainer: @hillwood

Official Website:

Installation Guide:

openSUSE, another well-known distribution, has also adapted DDE V23. Users interested in trying or contributing can follow the installation guide linked above, referring to the steps for the Tumbleweed version and manually adding the X11:Deepin:Factory development source to get the latest version of DDE.

DDE V23 – deepin V23

Apart from the above distributions, many others are actively porting DDE V23, including prominent distributions like Debian, Gentoo, and Fedora. Users of these distributions may patiently wait for community contributors to progressively adapt the system.

The development lead of the deepin community indicated that DDE V23 will release official version of deepin V23 next year.

deepin V23 is the latest distribution from the deepin community, featuring a new system structure, support for more system architectures, continuous optimization of the desktop environment, progress in the self-developed Wayland compositor Treeland, multi-session global window manager, enhanced functionality, and ongoing improvements in system compatibility and robustness.

Deepin is committed to embracing new technologies and continuously introducing innovative features and services. Those interested in DDE V23’s adaptation and willing to contribute to DDE’s porting are welcome to join the deepin open-source community’s dde-porting interest group to engage in discussions about DDE porting and help more users enjoy the exceptional experience of the DDE desktop environment.

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