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The Emergence of Gaming Influencers

eSports Gamer MoneyLead is taking his cred mainstream.

Elite gamers have taken on the role of social media influencers as the world of eSports grows in popularity. Of note is MoneyLead, who has not only placed 5th in global rankings but has grown his Instagram to 9.3 million followers.

MoneyLead is widely known for his gaming prowess in games DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). MoneyLead has a World Rank of #5 overall and a Country Rank (Ukraine) of #1. Currently, on Steam, MoneyLead’s inventory is valued at over $100,000. These rankings and stats place MoneyLead among elite players.

With the rise of eSports and the massive fan following it has garnered, elite gamers can showcase their skills. For MoneyLead, that includes the strategic thinking and lightning-fast reflexes needed on the virtual battlefields of DOTA 2 and CS:GO. And MoneyLead is popular: he has posted warnings to his Instagram followers to beware of imposters pretending to be him.

Parlaying this notoriety, MoneyLead has used Instagram @x.moneylead to connect with a broader community who look to him for more than gaming advice. His posts are filled with glimpses of his top-gamer lifestyle and videos showing his followers what could be possible if they leverage their passion for gaming and build a personal brand on social media. By sharing with his followers, MoneyLead hopes to inspire a whole new generation of gamers and content creators.

We created the Steam Deck and the Valve Index headset to make gaming on the PC even better.

The influence of gaming and gamers on the mainstream public will continue to develop as the popularity of games and esports continues to grow. The video games industry is expected to grow 8.76% annually, with a projected revenue of US$282.30bn. (via Visual Capitalist) Add to that the popularity of the recent spate of movies and television adapted from video games. With all of this attention and mainstream acceptance, there is enormous potential for gamers to broaden their influence beyond the traditional platforms. For continued growth, diversifying platforms is an important part of social media influence success.

Although the majority of professional esports is played on PC, consoles and mobile games are incredibly popular, especially with free-to-play games. Steam was created for PC gamers and currently accounts for at least 18% of global PC game sales. (via SteamSpy) By joining Instagram, MoneyLead now connects with mobile, console, and VR gamers as well. MoneyLead has built his own following by building his brand through his content, allowing him to connect to different audiences across platforms. PC gamers find him on Steam. However, not all gamers are PC gamers.

Transitioning his gaming fame to social media influencer and content creator is a master class on the use of digital platforms to amplify the talent of individuals and create more opportunities for worldwide engagement. It seems that his XP in the battle arena prepared MoneyLead with the right skills, strategies, and determination to rank beyond the game and find creator success.

To learn more about MoneyLead and potential collaborations, please reach out to:

Instagram: @x.moneylead

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