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The Effective Guide to Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing

Competition is stiff in social media, and Instagram is no exception. In order to create momentum that will help your account build organic traffic, you can buy likes on Instagram. Even this small amount of strategy can go a long way towards marketing success. 

By making thoughtful adjustments to your promotion strategy, you vastly improve account traction. Remember, there are 1 billion Instagram accounts in circulation. If you really want to set yours apart, you have to be strategic. 

In this guide, we take a glance at effective Instagram marketing strategies. If you incorporate these tips into your strategy, success is guaranteed to remain long-term.

Define Your Goals

Before you set out on your campaign, it’s essential to understand your goals. Most social media campaigns have the broad objective of bringing in more followers and viewers. It can be helpful to have this goal in mind, but is that the only factor that matters?

For instance, an account that is trying to sell a product may pursue a much different strategy than an account that just wants more engagement. It’s hard to achieve goals you don’t understand. Make a list and seek solutions that specifically help you achieve it.

Buy Likes/Comments

There is a negative association with people who buy likes and comments. The main issue is fear. Instagram users think any of the following repercussions will follow when they buy likes or comments:

  • Account Suspension: The powers that be at Instagram will take notice of what you’ve done and punish you for it.
  • People Will Know: Your purchased engagement will be obvious and therefore ineffective.
  • They Won’t Work: You’ll spend money on your likes and comments but never get real traffic.

Some of these concerns are valid. For instance, Instagram reserves the right to punish or suspend with violations of their terms of service. And low-quality comments and likes may very well be obvious.

It’s all about buying from the right vendor. High-quality interactions come from real accounts. They are delivered in staggered doses over time, and they have all the qualities of real account traction.

They are also shown to be effective. Instagram and, indeed, most social media platforms tend to promote more active accounts. In other words, it takes time to get likes and comments—a real obstacle for new or struggling accounts.

When you pay for likes, you do a lot to jumpstart visibility and traction.

Use Instagram’s in House Tools

Instagram actually has its own suite of marketing tools that can be highly effective. By taking advantage of Instagram’s Insights feature, you have the opportunity to see lots of granular data on your account’s performance. 

Insights provide data on how the posts you create are viewed and who is viewing them. By understanding your demographics, you can custom tailor your posts to be interesting and fascinating to your followers. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a valuable way to promote content in a highly targeted manner. It makes it possible to promote your pieces individually. As an example of the advantage of Instagram ads, they allow you to define precisely your budget you’re ready to spend on it. It also gives lots of control over what content gets promoted.

There are 95 million Instagram posts every single day. By using Instagram’s in-house marketing tools, you help set your content above the rest.

Post Regularly and Predictably


Part of gaining traction will require you to understand the habits your audience already has. Even with lots of followers, you may find that your posts may not be seen to your followers amongst all the available content present on the network. 

If people don’t know how to find your photos and posts, they may never see them at all. By posting with predictable regularity, you can help offset this problem. Your posts can gain traction when you simply post them in active hours.  

The majority of social media engagement happens between the hours of  8 AM-2 PM during the working week. By making the majority of your posts within this time frame will help you make your content visible to more people. 

Of course, this is just an average time frame. Your base might have slightly different habits.

To that end, you may use analytic tools to find the best time slots for your content.

Focus on Quality

Obviously, Instagram is a visual medium. While studio production quality is not always attainable, people do anticipate a degree of skill and nuance from posters. One of the most effective ways to gain traction is to produce content people want to look at.

While it is true that there is an enormous amount of posts every day, it’s also true that many of them probably aren’t very good and don’t provide users with something eye-catching. Once you have carved a niche out for yourself, focus on creating better content than the stuff similar users are producing.

Lighting, staging, and camera quality all go a long way towards producing good posts.


When you buy likes, you help engagement. However, that can’t be your only strategy for supplying posts with traction. You can serve as a significant driver for Instagram post engagement. Ensure you respond to every comment on your account.

It may excite your users and make your account look more active. People like being acknowledged. In recognizing their comments, you improve the chances of repeat engagement. When it comes to Instagram marketing, the more comments you have, the better.


You can pay for likes, comments, but at the end of the day, it’s the well-rounded strategies that win out. Instagram accounts that pursue numerous methods of gaining attention will outperform those who do not.

So yes. Consider purchasing likes and comments, but don’t forget to post often, engage your community, use tools, and focus on quality. Competition may be stiff in the world of Instagram, but you vastly improve your odds of success with the content you produce by being thoughtful. Good luck!

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