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The Edmonds Academy Fashion Show is set to revolutionize the fashion scene in Palestine

In today’s day and age, being fashionable is a prerequisite, but not everyone can achieve this with ease. With increasing globalization, finding an outfit that can help you stand out effortlessly is becoming more and more difficult. This is why Edmon Imseeh and his partner Yousef Elewi bring the Edmonds Academy Fashion Show, an event that will launch a new era of fashion in his home country of Palestine.

The national dress of Palestine is the tatreez, a garment that pays homage to one of the oldest and most intricate forms of embroidery. Based on the exact place of origin, the tatreez can vary in pattern, colors, and material. All these variables also play a role in deciding who wears it and how. In other words, the tatreez can also be a status symbol, such is the power of this traditional garb. However, considering the labor and quality of materials required to produce it, many people, particularly of the younger generations, have shied away from making the tatreez a part of their regular wardrobe. 

Now with the Edmonds Academy Fashion Show, Edmon hopes to bring a solution to this rising problem. Seven handpicked students from his academy will be showcasing their versions of the modern-day tatreez. The designs which perfectly marry traditional with modern are not only serving a stylistic purpose but also a social one. After all, fashion should be something that brings people together, rather than driving them apart. Moreover, since all seven designers have been instructed to keep their ideas unique and reflective of their personal styles, this updated version of the tatreez is sure to be something that appeals to a variety of younger souls. 

The event, organized by Edmon and Yousef is set to be one of the biggest of its type in Palestine. After all, it is not possible to single-handedly do everything right? The addition of Yousef Elewi to the team has allowed things to flow much more smoothly. They have also invited 80 of the most popular celebrities, social media influencers, and socialites. Indeed, the Edmonds Academy Fashion Show is geared up to be an event that carves a niche for itself as a changing point in Palestinian fashion. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you or a loved one are interested in seeing the true beauty of Palestine presented in a modernized format, make sure to check out Edmon Imseeh and his label, Edmonds Fashion on social media today! 

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