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The Driving Force Behind Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas, Parades, and Philanthropic

Thanksgiving is a day celebrated as the national holiday in Canada to celebrate the harvest and other blessings from the past year. It has been celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada since November 6, 1879. 

Canadian Thanksgiving is held on October’s second Monday. Most Canadians intend to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, while the Thanksgiving dinner ideas usually revolve around a feast of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and similar other autumnal dishes. Some Canadians are also seen participating in parades and community events. 

Thanksgiving is the day when everyone wants to be thankful and enjoy the day to its fullness. One of the ways to enhance Thanksgiving Day celebrations is by using portable power stations, such as portable solar generators. These devices provide the power supply needed to power appliances during backyard/outdoor parties and activities. Therefore, this article is going to talk deeply about Thanksgiving dinner ideas and activities with an emphasis on the role of portable power stations.


Backyard Party Gatherings and Outdoor Portable Power

Every autumn, Canadian families get together for a day centred around food, community, and giving thanks. One of the traditional activities Canadians do is holding family gatherings in the backyard for a cheerful party. 

What are your Thanksgiving dinner ideas for this year? The Canadian family gatherings during Thanksgiving are usually filled with laughter, gratitude, and joy. Many family members get to meet each other after a long time, so it’s a special moment for them to share stories, play games, and have fun with each other’s company. This makes the atmosphere cozy and warm, with a perfect ambiance in the backyard with colourful decorations, lanterns, and candles.

Most of the activities during backyard party gatherings are fun-related, such as chatting, playing games, roasting marshmallows, barbequing, etc. However, the key to a fun-based Thanksgiving gathering is not just about planning Thanksgiving dinner ideas, but it is also about arranging a reliable power supply to power all the electric appliances in the backyard, such as lighting decorations, barbecue equipment, etc. This is where outdoor portable power stations come into action.

Portable power stations are compact power supplies that incorporate a battery and inverter to provide the AC/DC supply equipment needs. They are chargeable through AC wall charging or solar panels and ensure quiet operations. This way, they are able to supply the needed power to operate barbecue equipment, lighting decorations, and other amenities you have planned for Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

One of the best portable power stations to enhance comfort and convenience during backyard Thanksgiving parties is the Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station. It is a 2000W (4000W peak) power and 1264Wh capacity power station that can extend the battery capacity to 5kWh with external battery packs. The key advantages of using Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station in outdoor family gatherings are as follows:

  • High Power Output & Compatibility: It offers 2000W (4000W peak) power output, which is able to power almost all essential appliances, such as lights, barbeque equipment, music system, projector, etc. 
  • Long-lasting Operations: Its 1264Wh battery capacity and the expandability of 5kWh make it able to supply the needed power for extended hours if your Thanksgiving dinner ideas like parties are going to last for hours.
  • Fast Charging: It is chargeable in just 1.7 hours with an AC adapter and 2 hours with 4x SolarSaga solar panels. 
  • Multiple Output Ports: It offers 7 output ports, i.e., 3x AC (2000W), 2x USB-C (100W), and 2x USB-A (18W) ports.
  • Portability: It weighs just 32 lbs (14.5kg) and comes with a handle to carry anywhere in the backyard easily.
  • Noiseless Operations: It operates without generating any noticeable noise. 

In short, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station serves as the best companion to fulfill power needs during backyard Thanksgiving activities.


Parades and Celebrations

Thanksgiving in Canada is not just about Thanksgiving dinner ideas or backyard parties. Different cities and towns across Canada arrange parades where performers, bands, and other attractions entertain the viewers. For example, Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest is one of the oldest and most popular Thanksgiving parades, which attracts around 150,000 spectators every year.

Although parades make Thanksgiving Day memorable, they require proper planning and preparation. During planning, one of the important things to consider is arranging the power supply to power all the parade-related equipment. Here again, portable power stations come into action. 

The portable nature of power stations makes them easy to carry during parades. This way, they are capable of providing continuous power supply to power lighting equipment, sound systems, and other equipment used during parades. Their multiple output ports make it possible to power multiple equipment at the same time. 

Besides parades, outdoor portable power is also essential in other outdoor activities. For instance, some Canadians’ Thanksgiving dinner ideas revolve around outdoor parties, which means that they need outdoor portable power to supply electricity to kitchen equipment, charge smartphones, power lights, etc. 

The portable power station serves as a reliable power source for uninterrupted and reliable power supply. Most portable power stations are chargeable through solar panels, so it means Canadians don’t have to worry about drained batteries when they are off for extended outdoor activities. In short, the need for portable power stations is inevitable during almost any outdoor activity on Thanksgiving Day.


Philanthropy and Outdoor Portable Power

Thanksgiving is a holiday not only for expressing gratitude or implementing Thanksgiving dinner ideas but also for the time to think of others and help those in need. With this sprint, many Canadians take the time out during Thanksgiving Day to involve themselves in charitable activities.

Canadians are seen to donate food, clothes, shelter, and money directly to people in need or to charity organizations. Some organizations or groups of people even hold charity events to either supply food/essentials to people or raise funds for them. However, charity events are dependent on one essential thing, i.e., a reliable power supply.

Portable power stations are the ideal companion for charity events. They are battery-operated stations and are able to power almost all the essential equipment used at charity events, such as lights, laptops, TVs, projectors, heaters, sound systems, etc. 

Due to the quiet operations and multiple output ports, they make it easy to fulfill power needs for outdoor markets and fundraising activities without dependence on grid power. All it requires is to choose the right capacity power station that can fulfill the power requirements of equipment throughout the charity event.

Furthermore, another remarkable aspect of portable power stations is their flexibility. They are chargeable through three charging methods, i.e., AC adapter, solar panels, and car DC port. So, if the charity event is somewhere with proper exposure to sunlight, then portable power stations can charge and supply uninterrupted power at the same time. Besides that, they are lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to carry and place anywhere during the event. 


Tradition and Innovation – The Role of Outdoor Portable Power

Thanksgiving is rooted in Canada’s native values. The origin of Thanksgiving in Canada can be traced back to the European explorers and the Indigenous peoples. At the core, Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate the land’s harvest and bounty, but Canadians consider it a time to reflect on the past year and express gratitude for the blessings and good fortunes.

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner ideas, people will think of the traditional customs involved in Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations including:

  • Traditional Thanksgiving dinner with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, side dishes, and pumpkin pie. 
  • Attending religious services to give thanks to God.
  • Decorating the table with fall-themed items.
  • Participating in charitable events 
  • Watch Thanksgiving games

Other than emphasizing Thanksgiving dinner ideas or other traditional activities, the trends in Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations are also changing with time and the world’s advancements. Today, Canadians are opting for innovative ways of celebrating Thanksgiving, such as:

  • Outdoor cinemas
  • Open-air concerts
  • Camping/road trips

In all the traditional innovative ways of celebration, the role and application of outdoor portable power is significant. From Thanksgiving dinner ideas to almost every Thanksgiving activity and outdoor party, a portable power supply is mandatory. For instance, an outdoor cinema requires a projector, laptop, sound system, lighting, heater, and other electronic appliances. All these appliances need a reliable power source. Therefore, Thanksgiving activities are highly dependent on portable power stations. 

One of the best outdoor portable power stations that can facilitate almost all Thanksgiving activities is the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station is a 2160Wh capacity and 2200W powerful power station that offers quick charging in 2 hours with AC input or 5.5 hours with solar panels. Almost all essential outdoor equipment can be powered using this device, which has the ability to simultaneously power up to 7 devices. 

Below are the key features of the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station that reflect why it is the ideal outdoor power source for Thanksgiving activities:

  • High Power Capacity: 2200W (4400W surge peak) power with 2160Wh battery capacity.
  • Multiple Charging Ports: 3 charging ports, i.e., AC, solar panels, and DC.
  • Multiple Output Ports: 7 output ports, i.e., 3x AC (2200W), 2x USB-C (100W), and 2x USB-A (18W) ports.
  • Fast Charging: 0-100% charging in 2 hours with AC wall charging or 5.5 hours with solar panels.
  • Compatibility: Power all essential outdoor appliances, such as lights, electronic kitchen appliances, induction cooker, projector, sound system, heater, refrigerator, etc. 
  • Portability: Compact design, 53lbs lightweight body, and handle to easily carry anywhere.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: 10 years of service life with 1000 cycles at 80%+ capacity
  • Top-notch Safety: Superior Battery Management System (BMS) for protection from short circuits, overvoltage, overheating, etc.
  • Durability: Top shock-resistant level 9 drop resistance.
  • Smart Screen: Advanced smart screen that displays 18 working states. 
  • Warranty: 3+2 years.

Looking at all the above features of the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station, it guarantees to fulfill the power needs in any traditional or innovative Thanksgiving activity. It gives the freedom and the opportunity to expand event spaces and enhance celebration possibilities without any concerns about power supply. 

In short, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station lets you enjoy the company of your family and friends, enjoy activities, and show gratitude without worrying about running out of power.



Canadian Thanksgiving is a day to express gratitude and celebrate the bounty of the harvest. There are many traditional Thanksgiving activities Canadians do throughout the day, from hosting Thanksgiving dinners with family/friends to participating in community events or attending religious services. Beyond thinking of Thanksgiving dinner ideas or holding other traditional activities, Canadians are now also involved in innovative activities, like outdoor cinemas, camping, etc. 

All Thanksgiving activities depend on one main element, i.e., reliable outdoor portable power. This is exactly what this guide has reflected. Therefore, it is recommended to make full use of outdoor portable power during Thanksgiving to create unforgettable celebration experiences. And Jackery assists here with its top-notch and feature-rich portable power stations. So, brainstorm your Thanksgiving dinner ideas, plan other activities, and explore Jackery’s product line of portable power stations to find the best portable power source you need.


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