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The Dominating Masters Of Rock Music

The Dominating Masters Of Rock Music

“Rock and roll is not just music, it is a way of life, it has its own spirit.”

– Anupam Roy

Music has always had a significant impact on culture, people, and overall society. Over time, many music styles and genres have evolved because of the passion and creativity of bands like The Silvers, which has captivated audiences since its formation. Bands and musicians of the past and present have not only contributed to the growth of the music industry but have also created new forms of music with diverse foundations, like rock music, that we listen to and enjoy nowadays.

Throughout history, there have been numerous music genres that saw their decline. However, rock music is one such unique genre that has stood the test of time despite intense competition in the music industry. While it is not for everyone’s taste, a lot of people love rock music more than any other genre. In a very short period, the term “rock music” has evolved into a music revolution, and its most avid fans are students and young adults.

Rock music originated in the mid-40s when separate genres like country, rhythm and blues, mainstream pop, and various other Western styles were combined and blended. Soon after its emergence, the genre of rock music became a significant part of the youth culture and was primarily associated with teen rebellion. In the 1950s, the rowdy first wave of rock music fizzled out a little; however, it came roaring back in the 70s when bands like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles entered the music industry.

People have been listening to rock music for hundreds of years, and for them, it is their preferred choice because of their cultural, generational, political, and religious outlooks. Rock music acts as an instrumental tool to ease anxiety and stress and improves moods. Rock music has gained a loyal fanbase because it assists individuals in coping with their problems and has a positive impact on mental health.

Since its emergence in the 1940s, many rock bands have entered the music industry; however, only a few bands have been able to make a mark in the competitive industry. With numerous rock bands fighting for the attention of both industry and audience, there are unquestionably specific characteristics that set the best bands apart from the rest of the crowd. One such band is The Silvers, which has made a name for itself because of its instrumental technique, distinct vocal style, production style, and song structure.

The California-based band, The Silvers, was established by Mick Orton in 2012. Since its formation, many notable names such as Mick Orton (bassist), Tom Kelley (guitarist), Glenn Stone (drummer), Ricky Zero (guitarist), Drew Youngs (guitarist), Dain Bedford-Pugh (guitarist), Carl Upthegrove (drummer), and Steve Farac (guitarist), have been part of the band but because some of them were replaced, The Silvers have now become a three-piece band with Mick Orton, Tom Kelly, and Dain Bedford-Pugh leading from the front.

Mick Orton created this band after his previous group, Silver Laughter, broke apart. Since then, the band has composed various popular songs such as “You Know You Had It Coming,” “Looking Back,” “Reaching Out,” “All for Nothing,” “I’m Dancing… Again”, “Gravity,” “Keep on Believing,” “Christmas Rock,” “Boogie Blue,” “Stay with Me (This is the Place),” “Stand Up,” and “Out of This World,” and have launched multiple albums like Change of Seasons, OCEANS, RUSHMORE, Soul Surrender, Summertime Sounds, PLAY, Another Summer EP, Back to Basics, End of Summer EP, Mosaic EP, and After the Laughter.

The band pays close attention to the visual presentation of their songs and uses animated videos to make their songs more appealing to the audiences. They have created a 4-episode series called Silver’s Surf City, which tells the story of The Silvers band being stuck on an island with Black Bart (villain) and various other creatures and animals that can communicate. Through their animated music videos, they demonstrate how the power of music helps them in combating all their challenges. The series can be found on YouTube.

For their unique and innovative approach towards music, The Silvers have received various awards such as Best Rock Song Award by Akademia Music Awards for “Out of This World,” Best Rock Album by Akademia Music Awards, Best Rock Music Video by Akademia Music Awards, and Best Rock Song award for “You Know You Had It Coming.”

Because of their countless contributions to the music industry, The Silvers is considered one of the top rock bands of this generation. Through their soulful music, they have not only cemented their place in the music industry but have also contributed to its growth.

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