The DOI Foundation is Restoring Faith in the Crypto Revolution


It’s rare to go a day without running into at least one news article on crypto. The term “crypto” has become a catch-all for any blockchain related project. It can include tokenized web applications (Web3), NFTS, or even passionate communities seeking to solve issues like food insecurities, homelessness, and more. Ready or not, crypto is here to stay and it’s already changed the world.

Many claim the financial industry will still be revolutionized by taking control from the banks that continue to fail us. However, the crypto revolution has yet to make good on the promise of decentralization. Billions of dollars have been forever lost to fraudsters, and power is more centralized than ever.


The Kin DAO is the first of many projects to be assessed by The DOI Foundation. They emerged from a real-world grocery cooperative seeking solutions to food and housing insecurity, poverty, fractured communities, and climate change. Since 2021, founders Asya Abdrahman and Adrian Bello have used blockchain to facilitate mutual aid in-vestments in art, regenerative innovation, and collective land stewardship. And they are doing it with the help of blockchain technology.

After a thorough review, The DOI Foundation has collected evidence demonstrating The Kin DAO’s many strengths, as well as some areas the project can further increase their impact and sustainability. Compared to the industry average, The Kin DAO meets or exceeds all benchmarks measured by The DOI Foundation. Check out The KIN DAO Assessment Report or visit to learn more.

Company Name:  The DOI Foundation
Contact Person:  Cory Feco
City:  St. Louis

State: Missouri
Country: United States




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