The Definitive Web Content Writing Checklist for SEO by Paul Haarman

Paul Haarman

Your motive behind writing new content isn’t just for fun. Usually, great content will help you to boost your conversions, rankings, and engagement rate explains Paul Haarman. It will also provide your customer education.

Besides the reasons, there are some important steps you should follow so that you can create great content writings for both search engines and humans. In this article, we will discuss how to create content that will improve reader experience and your search engine optimization.

Steps to Create User-Friendly Web Content Writing explain Paul Haarman

Here are three steps that will help you to create marvelous user-friendly web content writing.

The Title Should Clarify the Expectations of the Content

Your title of the page is one of the most crucial ranking signals. It is the first thing that users will notice in the search results and they start reading the content. This is the main reason why you should implement high volume and competitive keywords at the starting of your title. However, don’t use too many keywords.

Additionally, don’t include the website or company name in your page title. This will not only decrease the ranking of your post but also reduces that valuable character real estate. Hence, make sure you use a variety of relevant keywords in the title.

Make Sure the Paragraph Length Is Appropriate

According to Paul Haarman there is neither perfect word count nor perfect paragraph length for web content writing. However, it’s best if you use shorter paragraphs as well as bullets. Additionally, avoid inappropriate sentences.

However, this isn’t perfect for every type of reader as well as every type of content. Some contents must contain direct information without any hesitation or formatting. Some users still prefer this type of content to read.

Even though most users don’t prefer this type of content, you should research before applying any paragraph length.

Add to the Story Using Graphics or Imagery

Visuals are very important additions to a piece of content. They will help you to point or clarify something even further.

When you add images to your content, you don’t need to worry about how many images you should use or what should be the type of images. As long as they are relevant, you’re good to go. However, make sure you optimize the ALT tag and compress the size of the file.

SEO Web Content Writing Steps

Here are 3 steps that will help you to write SEO web content.

Determine the Primary and Secondary Keywords

If you don’t know which keywords are relevant to your content, you should start analyzing the keywords your competitors are using. These medium or high search volume keywords will determine the primary and secondary keywords of your content. As per Steve J Wilson, primary and secondary keywords will help you to rank your content higher in the search results.

Hence, make sure you use Goggle’s free keyword planner so that you can know which keywords are great and beneficial for your content. Competition, search volume, and other valuable factors will help you to create appropriate keywords says Paul Haarman.

Add the Keyword within the First 100 Words

Always remember that the topic or motive of your content will be determined by the keywords you’re focusing to rank for.

In this case, don’t forget to include that particular keyword within the first 100 words of your content. This way you can clarify the purpose of your content alongside the emphasis for both the search engine and the user.

Add Keywords to Your Anchor Text

Have you ever heard of anchor text? It’s the words within a post or linked words that take a reader from one page to another. Anchor texts can also take you to an external website.

If you can include a keyword in your anchor text, you should do that without any hesitation. However, you should do this step naturally. Don’t end up ruining your piece of content by adding tons of keywords. Desperately linking them with other pages will damage your reputation.

Quality Web Content Writing Tips

Let’s discuss the top 3 tips that will help you to write quality web content.

Provide Something Unique With Your Content

Every online reader prefers something unique and extraordinary. Many marketers only write content regarding the same topic explains Paul Haarman. This is why their rankings on the search engine are reduced as readers stop engaging with their content.

Hence, make sure you write content about some popular and trending topic. Additionally, you can also write a piece of content that will include all the general yet important information regarding any industry.

Most of the time, you’ll notice similarities between websites that offer the same advice, tips, or information. You should avoid making this mistake.

Don’t Forget to Research

Before you write content, make sure you research enough so that you can answer most of the questions in-depth.

Your brand or business name is the main factor behind your content. So, make sure that you’re providing accurate and factual information. Researching before publishing any content will help you to avoid mistakes that might damage the reputation of your brand. You can also provide all the necessary information within a single piece of content. Hence, your readers won’t need to leave your site.

Fulfill Expectations of Every Visitors

If you’re writing a post regarding food recipes, have you included images to help the visual readers? Additionally, if you’re writing content regarding travel destinations, have you mentioned the routes or other necessary things?

Every business focuses on different personas. This means that you need to write valuable and relevant content for all of those personas. Whether your audiences prefer long paragraphs or visual-based content, you must satisfy all of your brand’s personas. Before you start producing the content, determine the target audiences. This way your content will stay relevant.


This is the ultimate web content writing checklist for SEO. Each piece of content is unique and you should be proud of them says Paul Haarman. Make sure your content is worth reading and sharing. This way other brands, visitors, and influencers will appreciate your content.


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