The Dacxi Platform: Review

Dacxi Platform

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from – and many of them are designed for experienced traders of speculative coins. However, there’s one platform that’s different. It’s called Dacxi, and it’s focused on the emerging Crypto Wealth sector, and the needs of the long-term investor. In this review, we’ll explore Dacxi – from the company itself, to the coins on offer, to who Dacxi is designed for.   

What is Dacxi? 

Dacxi is a global company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore. Dacxi is more than an exchange; it’s a Crypto Wealth platform.

Through the Dacxi platform, you can buy leading coins – such as Bitcoin and ETH – and tokenized metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum. The company is also planning to enter the exciting asset tokenization market, with the Dacxi Chain – powered by Dacxi Coin, which investors can buy on the platform. 

Dacxi is a direct competitor to Gemini and Coinbase. But its laser focus on pioneering the emerging Crypto Wealth sector separates Dacxi from the crowd. Unlike other exchanges, Dacxi is geared towards long-term wealth building – not short-term speculating. That’s why Dacxi offers continuing education, seminars, live community events, and rock-solid security. 

What coins can you buy at Dacxi? 

Dacxi steers clear of the crypto market’s more speculative currencies, and only offers the world’s leading coins. To be offered on Dacxi, new coins need to meet rigorous selection criteria. This is because the company believes their clients would prefer to invest in only the most significant coins and tokenized metals. 

The following coins are available on the Dacxi platform:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Chainlink (LINK)

Cardano (ADA)

Polygon (MATIC) 

Litecoin (LTC)

Dacxi Coin (DACXI)

Dacxi Gold Token (DXGT)

Dacxi Silver Token (DXST)

Dacxi Platinum Token (DXPT) 

Polkadot (DOT)

Avalanche (AVAX)

Solana (SOL) 

Tether (USDT)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Stellar (XLM)

What are Dacxi’s fees? 

Dacxi believes transparency is key to earning investor trust, so their fees are simple, transparent, and low.

Dacxi Platform Fees

Who is Dacxi for? 

Dacxi is designed specifically for buy-and-hold wealth building investors. The platform also focuses on the everyday investor, making it easy for everyone to buy and store cryptocurrencies – whether they’re a novice or a professional. 

What are the advantages of Dacxi? 

Dacxi has many advantages, and here are a few of their clients’ favourites:


Security is a significant issue for investors – especially those who plan to hold their cryptocurrency for the long term. Less professional platforms tend to have less rigorous processes. Dacxi isn’t one of them. Dacxi protects its clients through stringent regulatory compliance, secured funds and top-grade platform security. The company has also made two-factor authentication a compulsory part of the log-in process.  

Dacxi funds are secured by Bitgo, a world leader in crypto-custody. Bitgo protects a large proportion of Dacxi clients’ cryptocurrency assets. Dacxi also works with leading security companies like Chainanalysis to ensure its platform is as secure as possible.


Dacxi customers enjoy a thriving community built around education. They can enjoy fun community events, webinars, and an education portal called Dacxi LEARN. 

Dacxi LEARN offers all the resources clients need to build their knowledge, and become confident crypto investors. These dedicated resources include cryptocurrency courses for individual investors and financial professionals alike – and new courses are added regularly.

Dacxi LEARN courses include: 

  • Get Started Course – Crypto For Beginners
  • Unstoppable Confidence Course 
  • Unlocking the Crypto Opportunity for Financial Professionals

Women Who Crypto

Dacxi’s ‘Women Who Crypto’ is a highly active online community, featuring interactive webinars hosted by senior women at Dacxi. 

Many of the webinars also highlight women from the Dacxi community, and the stories of how their lives were changed by Crypto Wealth. Katharine Wooller, MD of Dacxi UK and Ireland, is a leading light of Women Who Crypto. Katharine is a go-to source for major news media, such as the BBC, when they need expert commentary on the crypto industry. 

What are the disadvantages of Dacxi?

Dacxi only offers a curated selection of world-leading coins. For wealth builders, this is likely seen as an advantage. However, for speculators seeking out obscure altcoins, another platform would be the better option. Likewise, high-volume traders seeking complex instruments like derivatives, spot and margin trading, should look elsewhere. 


Dacxi is a world-class Crypto Wealth platform, well-suited to serious investors. Their rapidly growing user base spans multiple countries, with their largest markets in Australia and the UK. Dacxi has a roadmap for global expansion in place, which is poised to see the company skyrocket.

For investors who want to join a crypto community, Dacxi is an excellent choice. Their support response is also best in class – which is particularly invaluable for investors who are new to the complexities of crypto. 

There are many exchanges designed just for high-frequency traders of obscure altcoins. That’s not what – or who – Dacxi is for. Rather, Dacxi’s aim is to empower Crypto Wealth investors with a platform that is secure, trustworthy, educational, and community-minded. 

Where can I sign up for a free Dacxi account? 

For most users, opening a Dacxi account takes just a few minutes. 

As a regulated company, Dacxi is required to identify the platform’s users – complying with the relevant KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) laws. This is part of the company’s high-level security standards, which are designed to provide clients with peace of mind. Once your account is verified, you can place your first order as soon as you’re ready.

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