The Custom Silicone Products Is So Easy to Use!

When one starts a business, they start by researching different niches that they can exploit to make their business a very successful one. But it is not only about a specific niche to exploit, is also about what kind of products and materials you want to use.  It is also about what you want to give to your future clients, and what you want to make them feel when they use what you offer them. And of course, what you want them to say to the world when they use them.

Once you have decided what you want to offer, you need to find a good manufacturer that will help you with what you want to give to the world. Some manufacturers have some products that are already made and that you can use and some others offer the possibility to make custom silicone products, based on your demands and specific needs.

And I’m sure you will be creating products that will facilitate your client’s life no matter what they are. They should also have the best qualities and be made of the best materials.

Is silicone rubber the best material for your products?

 Liquid silicone rubber is an elastomer that is widely used and also very prized because it is resistant to high temperatures and it is also flexible and has a non-sticky nature. Besides all of that, it is odorless, tasteless, hydrophobic, and can resist bacteria and mold. This makes this material basically the best choice to create any product, that comes in contact with food or actually yourself.



You’re probably wondering why it is important that it is safe to come in contact with humans, pets, and food, right? Well, this is because some products, especially the ones made of plastic, contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you and sadly, can eventually help you develop different illnesses. But the good thing is that products made out of LSR are BPA-free, which makes them not toxic for you and perfect to be in contact with food.


Are they easy to use?


Depending on the use and applications you give them, sure, I would say that yes, custom silicone products can be easy to use.  First of all, because they are custom and you can give them all the properties you want. Besides that, you can also take advantage of the benefits this material already has.


Image: Custom Elastic BPA Free Soft Silicone Rubber Pipe


What benefits can you get from LSR?


If you compare it to other materials, LSR can definitively have a lot of benefits, such as:


  • Durability: Just because it is flame retardant and resistant to corrosion, and tough built, it will make any product made out of them to be able to resist the daily demands you put them through.
  • Resistance to heat and cold: This is very important when it comes to applications like food and beverage applications. This material keeps its properties in both extreme cold and also extreme heat. It won’t melt nor it will become brittle, like other materials, this also makes them very durable.




  • Resistance to bacteria and chemicals: It is chemically inert and is of course resistant to mold growth and bacteria. If you are looking to be compliant with HACCP best practices, it will be your best choice to help you manage any risk that can appear across the supply chain.
  • Compliance with the FDA: Using this material is actually one of the best ways to comply with the regulations of the FDA, especially for kitchen goods.
  • They have a natural resistance, are soft and harmless, and very easy to clean.




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