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A long time ago … No, not like that, perhaps my story should begin simply and uncomplicated. My name is “an ordinary person”, that’s right. I work for myself, I have some kind of income, but all this is routine, I always wanted to connect my work with IT, especially technical education, and I have always understood computer technology at an above-average level. 

So, like most people who came to the cryptocurrency world in 2017, I lost a lot. From ignorance, from greed, and the worst thing was that you could not influence this process in any way. No one would ever let you go backstage to see how everything works there. Nobody showed financial statements, did not explain the project code (although to whom I am lying, I didn’t know how to read it), no one tried to somehow establish contact with investors, everyone just said: “Read the roadmap, please send money or their analogue to our account ”. And that’s all … and the silence that is there, it’s all secret information, and then: “Sorry, we didn’t succeed, your money was burned.” 

It took a little time, I grew up (in 2 years, I became a straight adult). There was no longer that euphoria about cryptocurrencies, but still, the craving in this area has not completely disappeared. Like most, I follow the TON project. 

At one time, the announcement of the TON cryptocurrency (still the original from Pavel Durov) did not make any revolution, everything was clear. A person who has a lot of experience and money came up with how to earn even more, the excitement around his presale, and annoyed ordinary people, since they cannot get there. Except for indifference, this whole story caused nothing in me. It is clear that only rich people from a narrow circle would be able to make money on this, and we once again acted as fuel. 

…Collapse of the original TON… 

original TON

And now, sitting at breakfast, once again leafing through the news on my phone, I see the headline: “Pavel Durov announced the closure of the Telegram Open Network project” … 

… A minute of silence, although until the end I was sure that this was some kind of trick. But apparently we will never find out the whole truth, as I used to say: “Nobody will let us look behind the scenes.” 

…Rebirth from the ashes… 
A week has passed, on the other side, probably, serious battles unfolded, and here on the “earth” everything is the same, work-home, home-work. And then by chance I came across a banner (you know, such a disgusting caller like a casino), the news that TON has been launched. “Well, scammers don’t sleep,” I thought. Over and over, the news sites kept giving me news about TON. It got interesting and I found the first verified resource and started reading … 

The first link in the article to FREETON.ORG, having gone there, did not understand anything, but the inner I suggested that simply press the buttons, enter the data and everything will be OK. There was an interesting choice in the declaration between validator, developer and others. Since I read that, the validator earns cryptocurrency by simply turning on the computer, I did not think about choosing this item, not even suspecting how difficult everything turned out to be for me. It was possible to figure it out, but further delving into the intricacies of programming, I ran into the possibilities of “hardware”. It turned out that you need to have a dedicated server and not an ordinary one. “So again we need to invest, and it’s not a fact that it will work out,” I thought. 

Again I felt sad, I sat in the chats, supported the discussions, answered the newcomers to the best of my knowledge, and you know, I liked helping, naturally in my free time and not to the detriment of my main job. It turned out that this help is also rewarded, all kinds of contests and assignments began to appear on the forum, without noticing it myself, I began to progress, learn new skills. What is not clear can always be asked in the chats of the Free TON community. Here I understood what a team is, a “community” that is spoken about in other projects. And I concluded that this particular project can fulfill its promises and really bring a revolution to this world. And most importantly, any people, such as me, a programmer or designer, a promoter or just a student, can participate in the creation of the future. It was then that this image appeared in my head: “The cryptocurrency that I am building myself.” Yes, yes, in the literal sense, performing some simple tasks for the benefit of the project, the work on which is not difficult for you, these simple tasks kindle excitement. 

Now everything is much easier for new users, there is a stable society ready to help, filled with various wiki information, beautiful little things, such as stickers and banners, which create the very mood that everything is serious here. Debugged and structured. This makes it easier to join our ranks. And here everyone is welcome.

Where to start for a newcomer? 


  • Start by signing the Declaration on Decentralization. 


This is a kind of agreement between you and the entire community about the observance of its principles and the desire to participate in the work to achieve the benefit of all network participants. 

  • Add the chats you are interested in. 

Now there is a huge number of freeeton profile chat rooms. There are many national chats in which you can learn about the ecosystem from your compatriots. Next, the main ones on the principle of working groups that are responsible for their direction of development (analysts, advertisers, developers, investors, designers, and so on.) You can find a society for every taste. 

add chats

Forum is a kind of board of official protocols. All constructive dialogues, a discussion of the future network, the announcement of competitions for improving the ecosystem, proposals aimed at developing, news release, and disputes and requirements for resolving emergency situations, occur on the forum. Forum

  • Install the wallet and get the address. 

Now the main web wallet is Ton Surf, all about it you will learn here. For a beginner, this is quite enough, but I also have to inform you that there are many third-party wallets from the network participants in which innovative technologies can be added. Basically, beta testing the most interesting features of our blockchain (comfortable staying, bridges, DEFI and so on) 


               Next, it all depends on your goal of finding the Freeton community 

To obtain crystals, you need to participate in the competitions, be a useful community or buy them on the stock exchange. 


Distribution of tokens

Distribution of tokens through competitions is the basis of meritocratic interaction of all community members. Everyone who makes a certain contribution to the development of the network (draws a sticker, creates a website, makes a decentralized application, implements a crystal tone in his game, analyzes the proposed partnerships) – everyone will be able to claim a part of tokens, a kind of measure of your contribution. In the near future, tokens will also be votes for accepting or rejecting proposals. 

Your contribution today is your voice tomorrow. 


The more professionals in their field receive tokens, the more intelligent people will develop and manage the network. But remember the power invested does not always equal tokens. There is tough competition here, and only the best deserves to become a guide to the future for the entire community.

To participate in the creation of a technical base, find profile chat rooms, there you can learn about current development requirements. 


In order to become a validator, it is necessary to study the documentation for the launch of the nodes and buy (or win in the competition) a large amount of crystals. At the beginning of 2021, this amount is about equivalent to $ 350,000. validator

There is also a more advanced instruction in Russian Therefore, you will need to translate it to your native language.

After you decide on your purpose and opportunities, you will most likely be able to find profile information yourself, you will always be prompted in the main chat (in English).

As time passed, Free TON became like a family for me, I met many talented people with whom I have a common vision and with whom I am ready to develop business ideas built on the Free TON ecosystem. So we are all moving towards the cherished decentralization. And the platform opens up to us truly limitless possibilities in all spheres of human life. Most importantly, the project teaches us to be independent, not to rely on others. Run your business, be responsible for your decisions, make changes, don’t be passive. All this makes us full members of society, all this will return our world to our hands. 

TON ecosystem

I sincerely believe in the success of the project, and we are all here — one big, friendly team. And in the future, we will definitely be proud that together we have created something that goes beyond, something that will remain for centuries. 

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