The Crypto-Tech Wizard Everyone Is Crazy About – Eljaboom

Eljaboom, Founder and CEO of Ajoobz, Guinness World Record Certified personnel is a real-time investor and a sought-after crypto-portfolio-advisor in the crypto-market. Being an influencer in the crypto space who is known for his knack for understanding the market, ElijaBoom is loved by many. Eljaboom leads Ajoobz, a company that deals with helping investors build their crypto portfolios. 

Views and Beliefs on the Crypto-Industry:

Elja believes that the secret to making it big in the crypto industry is understanding the volatility of the market and claims that most of his holdings in his crypto portfolio are based on his understanding of the market and not based on tips that are available on the internet. He also mentions that most of his crypto holdings are bought from his personal expenses giving him accountability for every purchase that he makes. This immense passion and motivation for the industry is the reason that led to the birth of Ajoobz and the company stands as a testament to how his strategic mind works from building a company in one location to multiple locations across the globe. 

Eljaboom is active on his Twitter handle where he drops legitimate facts of the Crypto industry, leading his following of more than 521,000+ followers in making smart decisions with their crypto fundamental understanding. Eljaboom says for a fact that most of his crypto-holdings are personalized strategic buys, which is one of the many reasons why many investors from across the globe choose Ajoobz for their crypto-portfolio investment. Eljaboom has been a staunch promoter of NFTs since its inception and now is a part of an eminent group of NFT holders. The entrepreneur has a diverse collection of NFTs which he intends to expand soon.  

EljaBoom’s association with the big leagues of the crypto industry like the CEO of Binance and many other similar profiles has enabled him to set and pursue higher aspirations paving the way in creating a legacy in the crypto-space. The recent tweet from the Binance CEO on Eljaboom confirmed that the entrepreneur is planning big moves in the market and is expected to unveil to the public real soon. 

The personal life of a man who is always on the move

Leaving aside Crypto, Eljaboom is a humble person whose sole propaganda is to make moves that will inspire everyone. When asked about his future Elja mentions that his future goal is to make it to mars and he intends on giving away all his crypto portfolio before making it to mars which shows that he is a person who lives for passion and not money. Elja is a person that inspires the people around him to pursue their passion and says that it is important to help other people pursue their passion as that leads to more strategic innovations paving the way to impact the world on a positive note. 

The entrepreneur not only believes in inspiring but also believes in giving back to society. Eljaboom had recently helped in opening a school in Nigeria to help underprivileged kids pursue their passion in life through tech and education. With little too many things, Eljaboom has a strategic work experience of 15 years in different industries ranging from Board Governance, real estate, technology, and much more. 

In a recent conversation on a podcast, Elja says that the secret to knowing what you want in life is trying everything that you like. He has been a part of many jobs where he has invested his time in years trying to understand it, benefiting him in a way that helped him build Ajoobz with a strong client base. The entrepreneur has his fair share of experience in dealing with different businesses and encourages others to do the same which will help them find their true calling.

Eljaboom has helped many real-time projects in making strong portfolios helping them leverage their true potential. The entrepreneur has a liking towards people who work hard, and he mentioned in a recent interview that, ‘I respect people who put in the hard work and let the success of their ventures do the talking’. He also encourages us to keep working on different ideas because he immensely believes that is how the world progresses.  

To know more about ElijahBoom, Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok.

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