The Crypto Gift Cards To Gift The Moon, Launched By Cryft Token

Summary: Cryft Cards make gifting crypto to even beginners simpler and more convenient. 

Cryft is a BNB Chain project that’s part of the SafeMoon ecosystem. It has launched its own gift cards called Cryft Cards that enable anyone to give crypto in the form of a virtual card, providing an opportunity to “gift the moon” to friends, family, and loved ones.

Cryft’s creation of crypto gift cards is part of its team’s efforts to make digital assets more accessible to beginners, many of whom are unsure where to start. Cryft Cards can be acquired in stores and online, providing a convenient way of purchasing cryptocurrency without complex onboarding. Each card contains a unique code that can be redeemed to claim the cryptocurrency assigned to it. After entering the code into the Cryft website, CRYFT tokens are instantly credited to the holder’s account.

Cryft Cards are physical and digital cards like most people have in their wallets or purse. The Cryft Card sitting next to the debit card can unlock access to the decentralized blockchains. Blockchain collectibles on the internet of things and metaverse are now in the physical wallet or purse. Consumers use their Cryft Card and log into a dashboard.

Based out of Wisconsin Cryft LLC, the company behind the CRYFT token comprises an experienced crew of blockchain pioneers. CEO and founder Chad Scully has a successful background in managing, manufacturing, and developing. His family’s company operates in industries ranging from professional entertainment to contractor supply to consumer accessories.

Each of the seven team members has a specific role within Cryft LLC. Don Bailey handles all of the marketing, Leet oversees blockchain security, Stefanie manages social media and is responsible for content creation, Garrett advises on finances, Josh is Project Manager, and Branden is Chief Communications Officer.

Talking to the media, the spokesperson of Cryft LLC said, “The Cryft team is here to try our best to bring cryptocurrency and digital collectibles to the masses. We understand that cryptocurrency is full of fear and uncertainty in the eyes of the consumer, and still, words like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others raise curiosity and desire in us. Cryft LLC has the utmost intention to make cryptocurrency and all other blockchain collectibles usable. Without the need to understand how they work behind the scenes.  That is, Cryft Cards play a huge role as anyone can now gift crypto to even the most novice person and help them ease into the world of crypto.”

When a buyer purchases a Cryft Card from their local shop, the card is preloaded with specific amounts of U.S. dollar-backed coins such as BUSD, USDT, and USDC. By purchasing the physical card, the user now has access to the entire metaverse of digital collectibles and assets. This eliminates the learning curve, thus increasing the availability of all blockchain assets.

A Cryft Card receiver will “dip their toes” into the latest cryptocurrency and various digital assets. The well-chosen blockchain collectibles on the cryptocurrency gift card are available at their disposal.

In early July, the CRYFT token launched on SafeMoon Swap on BNB Chain. Since then, the token has seen steady adoption and grown to a market cap of over $2 million. The Cryft V2 token contract imposes a 10% buy and sell tax, incentivizing long-term holding, and building a community around the simple yet appealing concept. The launch of Cryft Cards is expected to generate further interest in the CRYFT token and its growing ecosystem of products. 

About Cryft

Cryft is a cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem that’s available on BNB Chain. Tradable on SafeMoon Swap, the CRYFT token forms a fun entry point to crypto with a welcoming community and consistent growth. Cryft Cards, the project’s latest product, enable anyone to gift cryptocurrency to an acquaintance in the form of a virtual card that can be redeemed at any time.

To learn more, visit the official website of Cryft Cards. 

Media Contact

Business Name: Cryft LLC


City: Lake Geneva

State: Wisconsin

Country: United States of America

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