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The Crucial Role of Dash Cam Evidence in a Car Crash Case

The challenge of proving fault in a car accident case is one that victims and their lawyers always battle it out. This process can be tedious, as the evidence might not be sufficient to build a case. Such instances make it all the more frustrating.

One way most car owners ensure they have evidence in case of a car crash is by installing dash cams. These wonderful pieces of technology can record what happens as a driver drives their car. If you’re still wondering whether to join the bandwagon of smart car owners who have installed dash cams, this article is just what you need. In this piece, we’ll discuss in detail the crucial role of dash cam evidence in a car crash case. 

The footage recorded by dash cameras is clear enough and is acceptable in court as evidence. It can prove that the driver was the cause of the crash. This evidence will further ensure that the victim receives accurate financial compensation. Apart from its usefulness in court, you can send the footage to your insurance company to secure your claims. You can prove your innocence regarding the crash to your insurer with the footage.

With dash cam footage, you can prove certain occurrences that led to the crash that would naturally be difficult to prove. You need to discover the reasons why you need a dash cam. Examples of such occurrences include:

  • Driver Behavior: It’s always difficult to prove the behavior of the driver who was at fault before or at the time of impact. Yet, with the aid of a dash cam, you can review how the driver behaved leading up to the accident. You can find out whether the driver was driving under the influence, eating, texting, etc. 
  • Traffic Violations: When a driver violates traffic laws and this leads to an accident, they become liable for the damage caused. However, if there is no clear evidence that they flouted traffic laws, then they might end up walking away without being held accountable. However, if the dash cam of a vehicle in the vicinity recorded this violation, the recording can be used as evidence, forcing them to bear responsibility for their actions. 
  • Collision Details: Discrepancies and false claims, when drivers tell their stories, might prevent the victim from receiving due compensation. With a dash cam, the impact of the crash is recorded, which provides a clear video of what actually transpired. This can be used to counter the discrepancies and claims of the liable party. 

One more thing we love about dash cameras is that they protect you from insurance fraud. You can learn more about insurance fraud. Some individuals try to take advantage of unknowing people to get money from them through their insurance. What these people do is target high-end vehicles, as they believe they would have good insurance. 

They will then create an accident where the unsuspecting victim will not be able to dismiss their culpability. They even go as far as faking back pain and whiplash to extort more money from these victims. Since the victim cannot prove their innocence, they’ll end up paying the compensation. 

This scenario wouldn’t play out this way with a working dash cam. Everything that happens will be recorded and can then be analyzed by the experts to determine whether or not there is a case. There might be a problem if the “accident” was planned to happen at the back. In this case, there will be no record of what happened, as the dash cameras are designed to capture what’s in front of the driver and not what’s behind them.

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