The Coolest Tech Gadgets for Moms in 2021

Tech for mom

Being a mom is hard work. It is not always like it is in the movies, where everyone runs around happily and there’s lots of downtime for moms to relax. That is simply unrealistic! Though it is a joy, being a mom is also a full-time job that requires many different skills. Not surprisingly, the tech industry has taken notice of this and has come up with some cool tech gadgets designed to help moms in their daily lives

Smart Car Seat

One of the coolest inventions recently is a smart car seat that can be controlled with a smartphone. The smart car seat was invented by a father who simply wanted to help other parents out. A smart car seat can play music, track temperatures, track where the baby is in his or her sleep cycle, and even alert parents if the child has been sitting in it for too long.

Remote Baby Monitor

Another cool tech gadget that has been invented recently in order to help with parenting is the remote baby monitor. This smart device allows parents to watch over their child(ren) from anywhere using mobile devices or tablets. The monitor is great for anxious parents who want to check in on their child even if they are not physically with them This type of smart device can be helpful for moms who work from home and need a little extra help keeping up with all aspects of their children’s lives.

Smart Suitcase

Another cool invention is the smart suitcase that can follow its owner around via GPS. This particular tech gadget was designed with moms in mind, as many have expressed their concerns about traveling alone with children and being separated from luggage during transit times.  The smart suitcase is known for its ability to track itself, recognize when it has been separated from the owner, and alert him or her via GPS, as well as lock itself up remotely if someone tries to take it away.

Smart Washing Machine

Another amazing invention that mothers are sure to appreciate is a smart washing machine. A smart washer uses motion sensors to determine when clothes need more water added, what temperature the clothes should be washed at, and how much detergent is needed per load.

Mobile Tracking Apps

Mobile app for tracking your child’s sleep patterns, feeding schedules, diaper changes, etc., are all the rage right now. Many moms are using these to help track everything they need to know about their baby in one convenient location. The apps also come with helpful reminders and alerts that can be customized by each parent for specific needs, like reminding them when it is time to put on sunscreen or feed a child at certain times of the day.

Wearable Breast Pump

For moms who are breastfeeding, a wearable breast pump might become their new best friend. This device is worn like a bra and allows mom to pump milk while she goes about her daily activities.

Smart Home Appliances

Lastly, one of the greatest inventions for moms in recent years has been the creation of smart home appliances that are controlled via apps or voice controls like Amazon Echo. These devices make it easy to cook, clean, or do laundry even when you are not physically in the same location as your home.


Sometimes just being mommie requires a lot of work, but having tech gadgets like the ones listed above can go a long way in helping a mother. These are just some of the coolest tech gadgets for mothers in 2021 that will be making parenting easier than ever before!

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