The Complete Guide to Selecting a Server for Small Businesses


Storing data in the “cloud” has become easier than ever before for small businesses. But even still, surveys have shown that the majority of these businesses aren’t ready to kick their physical servers to the curb.

One recent survey suggested that well over 90% of small businesses continue to use physical servers. It also found that more than 70% of small businesses plan to keep on buying physical servers for the foreseeable future.

Are you in the market for a server? If so, selecting a server that’s going to work well for your specific small business will be important. Here is a guide on how to do it.

Look for Small Business Servers Made by Reputable Companies

Because there is such a high demand for small business servers, there are still lots of companies manufacturing them. You should look around for a small business server provider that you know you can trust.

Microsoft is one of the companies you can count on for a server that will have the small business server features you need. Check out this Windows server to see what we mean.

Read Reviews for Your Different Options for Servers

Prior to purchasing a small business server, you should be sure it has all the features you’ll need. You should also try reading online reviews for it so that you know what it’s going to bring to the table.

The best small business servers will have almost nothing but positive reviews from companies that have bought them in the past. You’ll have more confidence in a server that has great reviews than one that has either lots of negative reviews or no reviews at all.

Go Through the Process of Comparing Server Costs

When selecting a server, cost shouldn’t necessarily be your top concern. You don’t want to have to sacrifice small business server features just to be able to afford a cheaper server.

But at the same time, you shouldn’t discount the idea of comparing server costs, either. You should find out how much different options for servers cost and look for one that’s going to work with your budget.

As long as you take this approach to selecting a server, you should be able to secure one that’s going to check all the right boxes without blowing up your company’s budget.

This Guide Will Make Selecting a Server Easier for You

At first, selecting a server for small businesses might seem a little overwhelming. There are going to be so many options for servers to pick from.

But when you put the tips listed here to the test, it won’t be long before you’re able to pick out a server that’s going to work wonders for your small business. You can use it both now and well into the future to protect your company’s software and data.

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