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The complete guide to hidden Internet fees

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While getting internet services, there are many things that you need to keep in your mind because there will be not just the service charge that you will be paying, there will be some other hidden charges as well that you are unaware of, but you will be paying them. So when you get internet service, you get shocked with the prices in total because, in the advertisement, we see just the service charges that do not include equipment charges, sub charges, etc.

Internet is a necessity and almost everyone needs it. There are many companies, which offer very expensive services because they understand the importance of high-speed internet and they also know that many people won’t even bother about extra charges. There are some taxes and sub charges that everyone has to pay but many companies charge extra fees, which doesn’t make any sense.

There will be some changes that are avoidable and it’s up to us whether we want those extra features or not. But then some changes would be unavoidable and you will have to pay those charges if you want to get the services. In this article, we will be telling you all the charges that you will be paying on top of the service charges.

Installation and activation charges

The first internet bill that you will be paying will likely be the most costly bill that you will be getting for your internet services, as you will be paying installation and activation charges as well. If you want to get internet services, you will have to pay these charges. There are some internet service providers, which offer free installation with the promotional packages but most of the providers charge for the installation and activation of the services.

The major charge in the first bill that you will be paying will be the installation and activation charges. These charges will be around $100-$200 and that will be a one-time charge. There are some providers like Cox, which will give you an option to go for either self-installation or professional installation.

If you are worried about how to do that self-installation, you can call customer service, which will be there to help you out regarding all your concerns. For instance, if you get services from Cox and you are not familiar with the installation process, you can call Cox customer service any time and they will make sure that everything goes smooth.

If you want the self-installation option, you will be paying no installation charges but if you want a professional technician to come to your place and install the services for you, then you will be paying the installation or activation charges.

Some providers will give you the installment plan as well for the installation charges like you can pay the installment in 2-3 months. The reason professional installation is costly is that a professional technician will have to come to your place to install the internet services while you sit on your couch and have coffee.

If your house had internet in the past, chances are the lines are installed already and you might get the self-installation option and there will be just the activation charge or you can just pick up the equipment from the nearest store.

Equipment Rental Charge

If you are getting internet services, you will be getting an internet modem and a Wi-Fi router. A modem is a must-have equipment if you want to get the internet service, as the modem gives you access to the internet and if you want a wireless internet connection to connect wireless devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. then you are going to need a Wi-Fi router. A modem and router will cost you around $10-$15.

If you have your own modem or router, you can use that too but you need to make sure that the modem is compatible. While getting internet services, you can ask the company if you can use the modem you have by telling them the model or can get one from a store or online and save a good amount of money every month.

Internet Security charges

In the current situation, internet hacking is very common now and companies know that everyone needs online protection these days so they usually charge extra for internet security. If you get internet services, getting an internet security suite is necessary because you cannot take risks and do not want to lose your personal information and sensitive data.

Internet service providers like Spectrum will offer you free internet security suite but with most of the internet service providers, you will pay extra for the internet security.

Recovery charge

You won’t usually see a recovery charge on your bill as it will be a hidden charge and will be included in the sub charges. A recovery charge will be for the maintenance and expansion of the services. That charge will be included in all your bills and you will have to pay this charge on top of the service charge.

Early termination charge

An early termination charge is a fee that you pay if you cancel your services before the stipulated time. If you are in a contract with an internet company and for some reason you want to cancel the services, you will be paying an early termination charge and that charge is a must.

While getting the internet services, you need to keep this charge in your mind. There are some companies, which will give you an option to go without the contract, but there will be extra charges per month. Then there will be some companies, which will offer you the internet plan without the contract.

Summing it up

When it comes to telecommunication services, there are many charges which are hidden from the customers. Some charges are avoidable, while others are industry standard. You just need to figure out what are the charges that you will have to pay and what you can save.

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