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The Complete Guide to Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are incredibly versatile. Hair extensions are so versatile. You can experiment with different styles, lengths and colors at any time. There are many ways to apply extensions, including different hair styles and colors. Hand-tied extensions are a popular alternative to clip-ins or sew-ins. You may already have spent time watching videos of the hand-tied hair extension technique if you are fascinated by beauty techniques.

You might be completely unfamiliar with this method. This process may be interesting if you are considering trying out hand tied hair extensions. It will keep your hair healthy, preventing hair breakage, while also adding fullness and length (when applied properly).

Brittany Johnson, a cosmetologist from the UK, explains how hand-tied extensions differ from those that are taped in.

01: What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?

Johnson explains that “Hand-tied Extensions are a technique where stylists attach beads to a row on a client’s natural hair. This is similar to beaded wefts.” This detailed method is perfect for anyone looking to increase volume and length without adding too much stress on their scalp or hair.

Defined:Hair Wefts is a collection of hairs that are weaved into a thin stripe of fabric. The width can be varied.

02: Hand-Tied vs.Tape-Ins

Johnson explains the difference between these two methods. Johnson says that hand-tied extensions are different because the stylist hand-ties the wefts to the beads using cotton or nylon thread. The number of wefts and rows used is determined by the length and density of the hair, as well as desired results. The difference between them and tape-ins is that tape-ins sandwich pieces of the client’s hair between two extensions using a medical grade tape. “The two tabs of tape are attached and form the section for the tape-in. This is done throughout the entire head.”

The number of packs that are used, just like with hand-tied extensions, will depend on hair density and hair goal. The two methods differ not only in terms of technicality, but also time. The length of time spent in the chair depends on how unique your hair is. However, you should expect to spend between 2 and 2-and-ahalf hours for a hand-tied appointment, and up to 1 hour 45 minutes with a tape-in.

03: How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of hand-tied installations will depend on where you live and your hair goals. However, the average price starts at around $200. The cost of hair is not included in this price. If you want to add volume to your hair, then you will need 4-8 wefts. Those with finer hair can use as many as 10 wefts. The cost of upkeep will decrease over time. It starts at $100 for one row to be pushed upwards (aka made tighter).

You have choices when it comes to the price of your hair. Glam Seamless has eight 20-inch weft hand-tied bundles that start at $399. Dallas’ Lustro Hair offers hand-tied bundles in various lengths starting at $145. Speak to your stylist if you are unsure of what type of hair is best for you. Your stylist can provide you with advice and may even supply the hair to your appointment.

04: Do Hand-Tied Extensions Work Well With All Hair Types?

Johnson suggests hand-tied extensions to people with straight or wavy hair because they will lie flatter on the scalp and can be detangled closer to the roots, below the beads. The tape-ins are also a good option for straight or wavy hair. They offer natural results. She recommends wefts for curlier textures.

05: How Are They Installed?

If you are interested in hand-tied extensions, it’s best to consult a professional. Johnson says that although you may be able figure out how to do it yourself, she recommends leaving hand-tied extension to the pros. A stylist who is trained in the method knows how to blend hair properly, determine how many wefts are needed, and how to remove them. It’s best to leave it up to the pros. They will not only make your hair look better and last longer but also keep it healthier.

06: How Long Do They Last?

How you maintain your hair after your appointment will determine the longevity of your new style. Johnson says that hand tied hair extensions will last about 6 to 9 weeks. She also said that the length of time it takes between appointments is dependent on the rate at which your hair grows, and whether you take the time to properly care for your locks. The hair extensions should last a lot longer when they’re properly taken care of. They can be used for up to six months.

To reduce the tension in your scalp, you should also schedule regular maintenance. Johnson says that removing them and moving them up at the correct time will ensure your hair doesn’t get too strained as it grows. Johnson recommends that you detangle, cleanse, and moisturize your hair while using hand-tied extensions.

If you want to make sure your extensions look their best, there are a few things to consider. Johnson recommends that when using heat to style your hair, it is important to use a heat protector to avoid damaging the hair or causing split end on the extensions.


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