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The Complete Guide to Double Bed Frame for 2022

Double Bed

We all know how essential getting a good night’s sleep is, and many of us spend a lot of money on an excellent mattress to attempt to guarantee blissful sleep. However, if you put a nice mattress on a shoddy bed frame, you’re wasting your money. In order to help assure comfort, security, and – if you make the right choice – that your room looks nice, you need a strong, stylish, well-constructed frame.

Your double bed will most likely be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so make an informed decision and spend money on a piece that you genuinely love and that reflects your own style.


A double bed frame with storage is a type of frame that accommodates one or two individuals. The dimensions of a double bed are 54 inches wide (or four feet, six inches) and 75 inches long, which are identical to those of a full mattress or full-size bed. 

The words “double” and “full” are synonymous in the bed industry, while “full” is more often used by American mattress makers and merchants. A double bed measures 38 inches by 75 inches, making it larger than a twin bed but smaller than a queen bed (60 inches by 80 inches).

Benefits of Buying Double Bed Frame

Space is not the sole benefit of double beds. Additionally, it serves superior furnishing goals. Double beds come in a variety of materials, styles, and designs. It can be constructed of leather, steel, metal, or wood. It depends on how your bedroom is decorated. 

Of course, the style of your bedroom would need to match your furnishings. A double bed is usually preferable to a single bed for sleeping. King-sized beds are more expensive than double beds. Children can benefit greatly from double beds.

They will be able to use this type of bed till they are teenagers. Your child may use this double bed as a guest bed in his or her room by simply changing the mattress. This sort of bed might provide many years of useful service. double bed frame with storage allows you to store many of your things right beneath your sleeping surface which makes it very easy to access them whenever you want.

You are well aware of the advantages of owning a double bed. These objects can also be attractive and cool.

Double Bed Frame Materials

Bed frames are typically built of metal or wood and designed to give a mattress and mattress base sturdy, long-lasting support. Depending on the model, certain bed frames may have a headboard and footboard.


Compared to wood frames, metal double bed frames with storage are less costly. Despite being strong and resilient, metal may not be as stable as wood. Metal is less expensive than wood, nevertheless. By painting the frame to match your preferences, you may quickly alter the appearance of a metal frame. So a double bed base is cheap when it comes to metal.


The most widely used material for a double bed frame with storage is wood. Wooden bed frames have a sophisticated appearance and are sturdy, providing reliable support. Depending on the sort of wood they are made of, wood bed frames come in a variety of weights. For instance, oak and pine, two of the most popular forms of wood, are both sturdy, long-lasting materials, albeit oak is heavier than pine.



Without a box spring, platform beds are made to support a mattress. Wood slats that are 2 to 2.75 inches apart and side panels make up the surface. Though some platform frames could have footboard attachments, most have built-in headboards. If you like a contemporary, minimalist style, platform beds are excellent choices.


In order to support both a mattress and a mattress foundation, such as a box spring, panel frames are built. Only a few support slats run across the surface of panel beds, which have rail-like supports on the sides of the frame. With a box spring, the gap in the support is filled.

Loft Beds

Families with many children should opt for bunk beds. They have several bed frames that can support up to three beds piled on top of one another. The frame has a ladder to access the top bunks and is supported by four pillars. For the purpose of preventing kids from falling out of bed, the higher bunks include built-in side rails.

Four Poster

A four-poster bed has side panels, a headboard, and a footboard attached to four tall columns on each corner of the mattress. A canopy or connectors to create a canopy may be included on contemporary four posters. Canopies may be used as ornamentation or as a light barrier.

Traditional four-poster beds have thick curtains for warmth and seclusion, as well as a rectangular panel that runs parallel to the mattress. The frames for four posters are rather huge and tall. A four-poster bed can be the ideal choice for a bedroom with a high ceiling.


Solid wood is used to construct the sleigh-shaped bed frames. Both the headboard and footboard are curved; certain types may feature upholstery. Sleigh beds are heavy and difficult to move, but they can offer a stunning focal point to any bedroom. Sleigh beds also protrude more and can obstruct necessary space. A sleigh bed frame, however, could be for you if you have the space and have lived there for some time.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed Frame

The greatest option for shrinking or upgrading is an adjustable double bed frame with storage. It is a good idea to keep in mind that an adjustable bed frame will cost you more money than a standard one.


It’s crucial to think about the bed frame’s design and structure. inquire about things like how to put the bed frame together. Will it need any specialised equipment or expert assistance?


When being pushed or dragged, a bed frame shouldn’t squeak or rock. It must be one that is solid and stable.


A bed frame should support the whole mattress, including the core, from top to bottom. If your mattress doesn’t have enough support, it may eventually droop or sink.


Another thing to think about is the height of your bed frame. Determine the bed height based on your needs and way of life. If you want a low or close-to-the-ground height, a platform bed frame is an excellent choice.


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