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The Complete Guide to Board Portal Software for Virtual Data Rooms

Board Portal Software for Virtual Data Rooms

The Board Portal is an organization’s governance software that enables protected digital contact and cooperation between board members. Common features of the portal are messaging abilities, record storage, scheduling voting, recording minutes and reports, and other elements that greatly simplify the work.

However, not all virtual boardroom software is the same. Each platform has unique features and is priced differently, making it difficult to decide which one to choose.

The best Board Portal Software suppliers

Only the best and most popular suppliers should be considered when choosing the right software, as these are the ones that have taken the lead in use, and their quality is recognized by many companies.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • BoardMaps is a board room open in the cloud and on-premises versions. Boardmaps software is particularly useful for boards and commissions as it facilitates fiduciary burdens and improves board management software, interaction, and internal communication.
  • The iDeals board governance software is compatible with various operating systems, although it is primarily designed for iPad users. In addition, the Board Sessions app allows data to be synchronized once an internet connection is established. The iDeals software also differs from other board document management portal providers in that it is functional both as a classic on-premises version and a cloud application on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Diligent Board software is an effective variety of tools for exploring reports and extracting valuable information. The Board software provides excellent insight into when and how users access enterprise content. The software also has an amazing search tool that allows you to find the document you need in a few clicks.
  • Boardvantage Boardroom app allows board documents to be viewed offline, making it easy to use even if you don’t have an internet connection. In addition, users appreciate Boardvantage’s flexible board room pricing policy and wide range of tariffs.
  • BoardEffect board software is beneficial not only for leaders and managers but even for the whole crew. It has many useful tools, such as board record administration and board session management; archives for storing business documents; easy-to-use search tools; voting and messaging options; and notification buttons.

Once you have an overview and know the basic functions and performance of the software, you can already make some headway in choosing the right one.

Benefits of using the Board Portal for VDR

Before investing in new technology, you need to assess what your company needs and what will be an afterthought, and can help you with that. This will protect you from wasting your company’s budget.

1) Meetings. Eliminate long and tedious meeting preparation. You can automate meeting scheduling, and users will receive notifications and schedule upcoming meetings. It is also possible to propose several optimal times and have the rest of the members vote for the best and most convenient one for everyone. In addition, you will be able to pin certain documents and information so you won’t lose track of them and can read them at any time.

2) Securely manage your documents. Use the familiar file exchange format. You will have an electronic signature tool, which is very important and handy when concluding transactions. Whether you certify minutes or ask members to sign agreements, powers of attorney, etc., you will forget traditional paper signatures. You’ll have access and convenience to upload and share files from anywhere in the world and at any time. To ensure document privacy, you can restrict access to certain files and folders to secure council documents.

3) Tasks. Every effective meeting leads to a large number of tasks. Use your portal task manager to ensure everyone knows which tasks they are responsible for. As a result, no one gets their jobs mixed up, no time is wasted, and the work gets done on time. This way, the company can increase its productivity.

4) Virtual meetings. If a board member is ill or unable to attend a meeting, do not force, embarrass or make others uncomfortable because they can participate remotely.

Some virtual boardrooms are equipped with tools that allow you to:

  • perform integrated videotape conferencing without the necessity for a different video-conferencing application;
  • smoothly communicate agendas and other records;
  • record meeting minutes in real-time.

Holding secret and hybrid meetings is exceptionally suitable for board partners, making it easier to solve many problems and issues faster and better.


By now, you know that with the board portal software, you can reduce problems and speed up almost every element of your board’s performance. These platforms are invented and improved daily, specifically to help today’s boards.

This software will help you improve weaknesses and perform board members’ tasks. You can also monitor the clarity and schedule of your projects, and conduct surveys on important topics when you need them.

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