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The Chronicles of Lynus Woo: Interests, Talents, and History

  • The Personal Trainers industry’s market size is valued at approximately USD $10.5 billion as of 2021.
  • This size is projected to increase by roughly 0.2% by the end of the fiscal year.
  • The Personal Trainers industry within the United States has grown at an average rate of 2.1% per annum between 2016 and 2021.

In the last couple of decades, individuals from all over the world have increasingly begun to take notice of the prolific benefits that are associated with a healthy lifestyle- both physically and mentally. 

As a result, the global fitness industry has grown significantly, experiencing a propelling increase in both its popularity and its market size. 

Although the vast majority of persons in both the US and in the UK have adopted a much more inactive and stationary lifestyle overall- particularly in their professional life, they have increasingly ensured they allocate an adequate amount of time towards their activities and physical well being.

The personal trainers industry has experienced similar growth trends- with the vast majority of field studies conducted reporting that hiring personal trainers almost always leads to better fitness results- notwithstanding any deficit in personal discipline.

Part of the industry’s growth has additionally been driven by increased disposable income among consumers. Given that most individuals consider hiring a personal trainer as ‘’discretionary spending’’, demand for industry services is closely correlated with the per capita income of a nation.

In the UK, for example. Real household disposable income (RHDI), is projected to increase at a rate of almost 1.0%- exceeding £1,465 billion. This is likely indicative of a favourable year for the industry- who experienced quite an economic downturn in light of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Below we will explore the multi-talented personality, services, and aspirations of Lynus Woo– one of the UK’s most notable and respected bodybuilders and personal fitness trainers.

Bodybuilding & Personal Fitness: How It Started

Despite his deceiving size nowadays, Lynus Woo actually used to be quite lanky and skinny for most of his childhood- right up to the start of high school.

Born on the 21st of November, 1995, Woo began working out independently when he was 16 years old- growing considerably within his first year. 

During his undergraduate degree at the famous Oxford University, Lynus met the coach that allowed him to segue into professional bodybuilding more adequately. Having said that, he actually did not decide to become a personal trainer until almost three years later (at the end of his Fine Arts degree). 

Lynus revealed that he went into his art degree knowing that it would unlikely provide him with a stable income source, and that he would need to rely on another skill or talent- at least in the short term.

‘’I wanted to do something that gave me more purpose in life; as a personal trainer, I can help people and see their physical and mental growth, which makes me feel much more accomplished than if I was working in a stereotypical frontdesk job’’- Lynus Woo, Bodybuilder, Artist, Entrepreneur.

At the moment, Lynus is working as a Personal Trainer at ATP Fitness (based in Hong Kong, China), but he aims to segue into the sphere of art full time in the future. He has also unsurprisingly been awarded a gold medal in the UKDFBA Men’s Physique 2016 show-  a bodybuilding competition held within the United Kingdom.

Artistic Style and Talents: Oxford Graduate

As briefly touched on above, Lynus Woo graduated from the University of Oxford approximately three years ago with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. 

‘’I want my art to illustrate my thoughts to the persons looking at it, and allow them to have an ‘escape room’ from the sorrows of day-to-day life. In this regard, my work in the sphere of art is very similar to my work as a fitness instructor.’’ says Lynus Woo.

The popular influencer’s painting style is very harsh and defined- relying on a lot of brush strokes. This is because he believes that (unlike art that merely replicates real-life photographs), painting can be a medium to delineate societal and personal messages to a great extent. 

Final Take: Announcements 

Lynus Woo has revealed that he is conducting his first ever solo art show within 2021- most likely in December. Whilst not official yet, the art show is allegedly scheduled to include art that relates to: Chinese politics, famous national distributors, and societal issues- such as COVID-19 and Loneliness. 

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