The Causes of Addiction


Addiction to anything is the constant desire of having that feeling again by consuming that one thing. A person can develop addiction out of nowhere if the reason behind its development can be unknown or depending on the person and their situation. Addiction is not limited to just drugs and alcohol but the constant desire for certain things that are not good for health is considered an addiction. Visit The Hader Clinic if you are interested in addiction treatment. There can be numerous causes behind the addiction but your possibles are listed below.

Environmental factors

Environment plays a crucial role in raising these behaviors and even substance abuse. The peer pressure from the environment parents are other community members that can influence you and can drive you to the addiction of certain unhealthy materials. Although environmental factors can be minimized if the child has proper support and the essence of safety around their family. The constant need of controlling from the family members should be avoided to minimize these developing addiction factors.

Trauma from past

Childhood experiences are important for the well-being of mental and physical health. If a child is traumatic it can lead to difficulty in reciprocating emotionally. When the child grows up it is important to keep the environment healthy if there is any physical or verbal abuse a child could struggle with in society. In case of emotional neglect or violence or even a stressful family life like separation or divorce growing childhood go for an addiction like alcohol drugs or narcotics as an escape. You need to make them feel comfortable, safe and resilient to get them free from addiction.


Although it is not necessary if a person has a history of addiction will also grow addiction but in most cases, It is seen that a person with first-degree related addiction has high-risk development. Even if it is not necessary to have an addiction genetics go hand and hand but certain addictions like smoking alcohol have had an interesting relationship with genetics. There are a lot of things to learn about genes and abuse disorders.

Mental disorders

Mental disorders like depression and anxiety can cause some people to go for an addiction to drugs and alcohol to seek an escape from these symptoms. It is one of the reasons that people also take self-diagnostic drugs which can cause addiction.

Taking highly addictive drugs as a medication

Sometimes doctors prescribe highly addictive drugs for diseases for a certain period but after the recovery, some people get addicted to them and keep using those drugs even after they leave a greater impact on the substance abuse for the person.


Being addicted to drugs and alcohol is not a choice but certain conditions lead us to the wrong path. A person needs support and understanding to deal with addiction and become healthy as before. They also need to develop willpower for fighting the drug or any kind of addiction that can be possible with the love and support of their loved ones.

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