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The Boom of BAKAC Coin in Nigeria: A Promising Environment for Cryptocurrency and Gambling Businesses


Nigeria is witnessing a remarkable boom in the cryptocurrency and gambling markets, and the MEME token BAKAC Coin has emerged as a notable phenomenon in the country. BAKAC Coin has caused a frenzy in the Nigerian market, skyrocketing by 1673 times after just 3 weeks from the Token Generation Event (TGE). The country is a hotspot for the gambling and betting industry. The success of BAKAC Coin in Nigeria can be attributed to the business-friendly environment for cryptocurrencies and gambling. This article will analyze the key factors playing a role in BAKAC Coin’s prominent development in Nigeria.

A Cryptocurrency and Gambling-Friendly Business Environment in Nigeria:

Nigeria has become one of the potential markets for cryptocurrencies and gambling, largely due to its business-friendly environment. The dense population, widespread use of mobile phones, and increasing cryptocurrency transactions all contribute significantly to driving the boom of BAKAC Coin.

  1. Dense Population: With over 200 million people, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the 7th in the world. The large population creates a vast potential market for cryptocurrency and gambling-related activities. The market’s growth has provided a significant opportunity for BAKAC Coin to expand its presence and development.
  2. Widespread Use of Mobile Phones: Nigeria surpassed 210 million mobile subscriptions by the end of 2021, indicating the widespread popularity of mobile phones in people’s lives. This favorable condition allows people to access and use cryptocurrencies, especially BAKAC Coin, through convenient mobile applications.
  3. Growth in Cryptocurrency Transactions: Nigeria has become one of the leading countries in Bitcoin transactions globally. According to Chainalysis, in 2020, Nigeria ranked second in Bitcoin transactions after the United States. This significant growth reflects the increasing interest and engagement of Nigerians in using cryptocurrencies.
  4. Substantial Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization: Nigeria ranks third in cryptocurrency market capitalization in the African region, following South Africa and Kenya. This drives the growing interest and investment in cryptocurrencies within the country.

The Impressive Development of BAKAC Coin:

Thanks to the cryptocurrency and gambling-friendly environment in Nigeria, BAKAC Coin has experienced impressive development. On July 30th, after 3 Weeks TGE. the token reached a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.000000003034205. Compared to the TGE starting price of $0.00000000000181115, BAKAC Coin has increased by over 1673 times. This demonstrates the significant growth potential of the token in Nigeria.


The boom of BAKAC Coin in Nigeria is a testament to the business-friendly environment for cryptocurrencies and gambling in the country. With its dense population, widespread use of mobile phones, and increasing cryptocurrency transactions, Nigeria is becoming a promising market for BAKAC Coin and other cryptocurrencies. Along with achieving a new ATH on July 30th, BAKAC Coin is undoubtedly set to continue attracting interest and investments from the cryptocurrency community in Nigeria in the future.

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