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The Blue Collar Staffing Agency Changing Employee Acquisition

Recent years have shown companies that it can be harder to find blue-collar workers than white-collar workers, particularly if they are looking for employees with specialized skill sets and qualifications. However, staffing agencies have found a way to cut through these difficulties and consistently deliver high-quality employees. Some agencies, such as Spec on the Job — which boasts locations across the US — specialize specifically in blue-collar employee acquisition.


Spec on the Job helps their clients with their staffing, recruiting, and payroll needs for various blue-collar fields. From warehouse workers and construction workers to skilled tradespeople, and even CDL drivers, Spec on the Job has extensive experience in staffing for companies in construction, warehousing, manufacturing and industrial, and more.


For workers, the unique advantage of working with an agency like Spec on the Job is that they offer benefits to workers regardless of their classification. Spec on the Job provides benefits to all their workers, including medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as select paid holidays — whether they are temporary, permanent, temp-to-perm, part-time, or full-time employees. 


With many companies, workers who are not permanent, full-time employees do not have access to these benefits, making Spec on the Job truly unique in the staffing industry. This means that workers from Spec on the Job are generally more committed and eager to go to work, much to the benefit of their employers. 


Extensive vetting and screening of employees

For employers, Spec on the Job stands out thanks to its commitment to only providing them with top-quality workers, regardless of the position being filled. “Job seekers who apply to work through Spec on the Job undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure they meet all qualifications and requirements for the job,” says Spec on the Job COO Jason Lamonica. “For example, DOT regulations have strict, non-negotiable requirements that must be met for CDL driver jobs. We ensure that all of our applicants meet these requirements to the tee.”


The requirements for DOT compliance for CDL drivers are extensive, and Spec on the Job knows how to navigate them to ensure the safety of both the driver and the employer. The team at Spec on the Job conducts thorough background checks to ensure they meet all criminal history and driving record requirements. Spec on the Job also ensures that all DOT-required random drug testing requirements are up-to-date.


How Spec on the Job helps employers

Spec on the Job also offers flexibility in their hiring options, working with employers to find temp, temp-to-perm, and permanent workers in part-time or full-time positions. They also offer reasonable buyout options, allowing employers to continue their working relationship with employees that are a great fit for their company. 


“Pretty much any blue-collar position you’re looking to hire for, our team at Spec on the Job can help you fill,” Lamonica asserts. At Spec on the Job, they take a customer-focused approach, delivering all their clients with exceptional customer service. 


“We know that many blue-collar jobs run around the clock, so we make ourselves available to our clients 24 hours of the day,” says Lamonica. “We are a big enough staffing firm to meet any needs our clients may have, but we don’t sacrifice that intimate, customer-focused feel of a small firm — we offer the best of both worlds.”


For companies looking to fill blue-collar positions with skilled and vetted workers, there is no better staffing agency to work with than Spec on the Job. Even for the most complex staffing needs, like finding certified and compliant CDL drivers, Spec on the Job can connect companies with the employees they need.

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