The Blockchain Unifies Inventory Management Systems

SHOPX eNFTs — One Size Fits All

SHOPX’s Mintz will be used to mint special NFTs that are optimized for e-commerce. Each real-life product will be identified with these unique digital tokens— eNFTs —and stored on the blockchain for maximum security and transparency. NFTs are identifiable and their sales histories are verifiable. This will provide brands and suppliers with supply chain visibility as well.

Improved Unique Item Serialization Empowers Inventory Management

SHOPX uses eNFTs to catalog and monitor its global inventory on the blockchain. Because they are stored on a blockchain, they cannot be duplicated or tampered with. Every single item in a brand’s inventory will be uniquely identifiable and trackable wherever it goes.

Empowering New Marketplaces With SHOPX

The exciting future of a global public inventory is when it is applied to affiliate marketing. Mintz is the affiliate marketing system enabled by eNFTs. Affiliates can browse the public inventory and choose which eNFTs they want to list in their marketplaces.

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