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The Bitgert Coin Revolution: A Post-Bitcoin Halving Perspective

It’s been a well-known fact that altcoins reciprocate Bitcoin price movements in the crypto market. BUt there are some tokens that react exponentially or outperform Bitcoin during the bull market. Investors keep an eye on altcoins for short-term volatility happening in altcoins to benefit from the gains at the time of Bitcoin halving. Others view this an opportunity to add other better performing altcoins to their portfolio. 

Investors looking for the latter gauge the potential for the tokens based on the token’s utility and ecosystem. If you are an investor seeking a token with good fundamentals and great potential for price gains, you cannot miss the fastest emerging layer-1 blockchain on the scene – Bitgert. 

Let’s look into Bitgert’s credentials and what makes Bitgert ready for a massive pull after the halving.  

Bitgert’s ecosystem is thriving with use cases 

The Bitgert team recently released a weekly report and stated a list of new partnerships and integrations the platform underwent. Some of the ontable names include:

  • in the field of HPC data. 
  • SaaSGo – the world’s first Fiat-DeFi integrated platform for Web3 apps. 
  • Web3Nova in a decentralized landscape.
  • KingdomX is a metaverse game.
  •  Catex, DogeWalk, Goshen, AssetLink, Sekuya, etc.

Bitgert is based on the proof of authority mechanism which offers a great user experience and impeccable transaction execution speed without compromising on the security. BItgert offers a speed of 100K TPS leaving behind industry veterans like SOlana, Injective, Cardano, Tron, etc. Ethereum’s expensive fees are pushing users to other affordable chains and Bitgert is one of them. Bitgert has 800K users active on its platform and has executed 25 million transactions. 

The blockchain has one of the lowest fees and is being tagged as zero-fee blockchain in the layer-1 community now. Bitgert also has its own suite of products to help developers, users, and traders. 

Bitgert’s token BRISE amazing ROI

Bitgert’s token BRISE has blessed its investors with an ROI of 40,000%. Experts predict the coin will witness another rally in the coming months and gather 20,000% returns. Bitgert has a limited supply of 1 quadrillion tokens like BItcoin. It has a deflationary mechanism which keeps the token supply in check against the rising demand. Bitgert will become more valuable in the long run as the ecosystem gains more prominence and utilities. 

A token’s worth is a direct denominator of the ecosystem’s utilities and functionalities. Th more the applications using Bitgert, the more will be its value.

As halving nears, Bitgert, just like other alts, will see a resounding rally. Any investor looking to bank on these gains must act early and invest in Bitgert

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