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The Bitgert Coin Phenomenon: Post-Halving Price Expectations

The Bitcoin halving event is known for setting up bullish trends in the market; however, this quadrennial halving occurs at a challenging time for global markets. The advent of the halving event saw Bitcoin make a 3% intraday price rebound. 

Despite the bullish relief in Bitcoin’s price trajectory, the broader market sentiment has reflected minimal changes as the market continues to loom under the shadow of bearish market influence.

As the market continues to navigate choppy waters, Bitgert has shined as a beacon of hope for investors looking for a profitable refuge. In this article, we will take a look at the post-halving expectations for Bitcoin and Bitgert.

Market Expectation for Bitcoin

Although expectations were high for Bitcoin’s price action, in the wake of the just-concluded quadrennial halving event, Bitcoin’s market value is still far from market expectations. 

Before the halving event, Bitcoin traded above the $61,000 support after several failed attempts to push it to a higher high. Now trading above the $65,000 resistance, Bitcoin has made an intraday 3% comeback after another unsuccessful attempt.

Despite the current bearish trend in BTC’s price action, experts confirm major technical indicators signal a short-term price rebound.

Bitgert, A Beacon of Hope

While the global market continues to struggle, Bitgert’s emergence has served as a beacon of hope for savvy investors in the market.

Not too long ago, experts recognized Bitgert to outperform other projects in the market, and since then, Bitgert has experienced exponential growth in adoption. Most recently, the number of users and developers within Bitgert’s ecosystem has increased to 600,000. Bitgert also boasts a huge following, with almost a million across its social platforms, such as Telegram, Discord, X, etc.

Bitgert’s huge following demonstrates the active involvement of its community in driving its development forward. Bitgert offers a robust suite of innovative solutions to its users. Some of these include Bitgert Chain, Bitgert Exchange, and Geo Web3 Real Estate Market. By focusing on delivering user-centric solutions, Bitgert has attracted more users from other ecosystems.

For instance, Bitgert Exchange, also known as Brise Exchange, uses the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus to explore optimization strategies. With the aid of the PoA consensus, Bitgert charges users zero gas fees when compared to other blockchains like Ethereum. .

Within the last 24 hours, Bitgert managed to pull off a 10% intraday surge, despite the bearish market. With a potential rally of 3000% before July, experts predict Bitgert will lead the bull market in Q2.

Huge rewards await you; invest in Bitgert today.

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