The Biggest News Stories You Missed This Week About Technology

The Biggest News Stories You Missed This Week About Technology

Our world is always changing. Technology is at the front of this change. This week had some big tech news. Maybe you missed some of it. There were stories about AI. There were big business deals. Schools made tech news too. And climate tech startups are on the rise. There’s so much to know. So, get a drink and sit down. We’re going to look at the top tech news. If you love tech or just want to know what’s new, this is for you. Ready? Let’s go.

Marvell Showcases AI and Cloud Technology at OCP Summit

Marvell Technology, a big name in data infrastructure semiconductor solutions, made waves at the 2023 Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit. Held in San Jose, California, the summit saw Marvell sharing its plans for the future of AI and cloud networks.

A highlight was Dr. Loi Nguyen from Marvell. He talked about how optical technology can help with the AI bandwidth challenge. His talk was titled “AI Drives the Need for (More) Speed”. He stressed the importance of teamwork in the tech world to grow AI platforms.

But that’s not all. Marvell had a booth where they showed off their latest tech. They had tools to make data move faster and more efficiently in cloud and AI networks. According to The Yonkers Ledger, some cool things they showed were the Marvell® Teralynx® 10, a super fast switch chip, and the Marvell® COLORZ® 800, a tool to boost data center connections.

Marvell also teamed up with other big names like Arm and Microsoft. They showed how their tech can work together in different ways. For example, with Microsoft, they showcased a tech that can move data at a super fast 200 Gbps speed.

Lumen’s Quantum Fiber Delivers a Wi-Fi 7 Device

Lumen Technologies is making waves in the wireless world. They’re launching a new Wi-Fi 7 device for their Quantum Fiber customers. This is big news because Quantum Fiber will be the first to offer this kind of device that they made themselves. So, what’s special about Wi-Fi 7? It’s the latest in Wi-Fi technology. It’s faster, more reliable, and safer than what most of us use now. This means quicker downloads, smoother streaming, and better online gaming.

Lumen didn’t do this alone. They teamed up with MediaTek and Airoha to make this device. They also worked with AXON Networks. Together, they’re bringing the best of Wi-Fi 7 to people. Maxine Moreau, a top person at Lumen, shared her excitement. She said they aim to give customers the best Wi-Fi out there. And with this new device, they’re doing just that.

This Wi-Fi 7 device will be out in some places later this year. Everyone else can expect it by early 2024. We’ll get more details about its features and price soon.

Nicole Campbell Named Tech Director at Geneva Schools

There is big news from the Geneva City School District. Nicole Campbell is their new director of technology. Nicole isn’t new to the district. She started in 2012 as a math teacher. Later, she became a technology integrator and then the assistant principal of Geneva Middle School in 2022.

Superintendent Bo Wright shared his thoughts. He said Nicole has been with them for over ten years. Her background in tech and education makes her perfect for this role. Everyone is excited to see her take on this new challenge. But who did Nicole replace? It was Katie McFarland. Katie did great things for the district in her time there. But she’s now moved on to a new job outside the district.

Here is a bit more information about Nicole. She’s got impressive credentials. She has a master’s degree in education from Nazareth College. She also has two bachelor’s degrees from Keuka College. One is in math and special education, and the other is just in math. Plus, she has a certificate in educational leadership from SUNY Oswego.

PWC Creates 1,000 Tech Jobs in Wales

There is a big news from Wales. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is set to create 1,000 new jobs there by 2028. This is a big deal, especially after some job losses in Wales recently. These aren’t just any jobs. They’re focused on digital and technology.

PWC already has a team of 500 in Cardiff. They’re adding to this team with these new jobs. John-Paul Barker from PWC shared some insights. He said Wales is the right place for these tech jobs. The company is investing a lot of money in Wales for this. They’re even getting a new office.

What kind of jobs are these? They’re jobs for the future. Think about roles in cyber security and ethical hacking. Barker said these skills are in high demand. He also mentioned that the Cardiff team will work with clients all over the world. The Welsh government is supporting this too. They’re investing £2m to partner with PWC. This partnership aims to give jobs to people from tough backgrounds.

Hamed Amiri, a senior manager at PWC in Cardiff, shared his story. He came to the UK as a refugee from Afghanistan. He’s now helping PWC hire people from different backgrounds. He believes everyone should get a chance.

Bajaj Buys 26% in Pennant Technologies for ₹267.50 Crore

It is an exciting time for Bajaj Finance. They’ve just bought a 26% stake in Pennant Technologies. And they spent a cool ₹267.50 crore on this deal. What’s Pennant all about? It’s a tech company. They offer tech services and software for banks and financial firms. Last year, they made about ₹74.28 crore.

But there’s more news from Bajaj Finance. They’re set to announce their financial results for the second quarter of FY24. Experts predict good things. They think Bajaj Finance’s net profit might jump by 34% from last year. That’s a rise to ₹3,725 crore. Their net interest income might also go up by 29%.

Earlier this month, Bajaj Finance raised ₹8,800 crore. They did this through a qualified institutions placement (QIP). They also plan to raise up to ₹1,200 crore with warrants. But it’s not all smooth sailing. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) fined Bajaj Finance ₹8.50 Lakh. Why? They didn’t follow some RBI rules. They didn’t report some issues on time.


This week was a technology week. From Marvell’s big plans for AI to Lumen’s leap into Wi-Fi 7, it’s clear that the tech world never sleeps. Bajaj Finance’s bold moves show how business and technology go hand in hand. And let’s not forget the inspiring stories, like Nicole Campbell’s rise in Geneva Schools. As we wrap up, one thing is for sure that the future of technology is bright, and it’s unfolding right before our eyes. Stay curious, keep learning, and here’s to another week of groundbreaking tech stories ahead.

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