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The Biggest Gaming Events Of The Year

Gaming events have become the highlight of the year for avid gamers, enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

Every year, these gaming events astonish audiences with their interesting game concepts and all the changes/updates in game development that has been made throughout the year.

It’s no surprise that these kinds of events are a golden opportunity to explore all the new games and to meet all the pro developers in the gaming industry, ie they serve a networking purpose as well, apart from their core marketing purpose.

Big names in the gaming world, organize different gaming festivals, both physically and online so that people worldwide can take part in them.

Here are some of the few events that make waves all over world.


This four-day stretched video gaming event covers every aspect of cutting-edge hardware, to the boundary-stretching video gaming engines, to genre-defining award-winning video games that comprise Gamescom. Gamescom 2021 was watched by more than 63 million users.

The 2022 event took place in Cologne, Germany. The event was also live-streamed on its own website, and also via streaming platform giants like Youtube and Twitch. IGN (Games journalism site) also live-streamed the event. The best thing about attending this event in person is that you will get hands-on all the new launched games and in-development demos. Additionally, you will also get an opportunity to stand with and speak to the developers themselves.


(More than 10,000 Attendees)

Initially started as a LAN Party (Bring-Your-Own-Computer), Quakecon has grown to become a celebration of the games made by id Software and multiplayer gaming.

Starting in 1996, the same time this titular game was developed, Quakecon is one of the oldest gaming conferences in public. The much-hyped event of 2021 and 2022 was entirely held online.

Eurogamer Expo

In the UK, this gaming expo is touted among the top gaming expos. With a multitude of varied activities for the masses to enjoy, the gaming expo witnesses around 20,000 people.

From introducing new gaming concepts to hosting industry panels or content creator panels to Cosplay halls, Tabletop game halls, retro game halls, you can witness a bundle of activities at this gaming expo.

The prices for EGX are known to be affordable/reasonable, allowing regional enthusiasts to participate easily.


The board game convention which was held in Germany recently has been running for the past 38 years. This convention is well-known as the largest board game convention or fair in the world.

Despite its more niche focus (board games), you would be able to see a large number of people taking part in this convention. This festival attracts a crowd who are eager to try their hands on all the latest games.

An event like this is an opportunity for avid gamers to meet fellow board game lovers and share their viewpoints on the respective games.

Penny Arcade Expo or PAX

PAX is considered one of the biggest gaming events where gamers from America, Australia and other parts of the world gather together.

PAX holds at least four conventions every year. The event starts in January in Texas. Then it moves to Boston and Seattle in the month of March. Then the final event takes place in Melbourne [Australia].

Though, the venue may change as per the scheduled event. This is one of the most prestigious events as it is being attended by some of the notable names in the gaming industry.


DreamHack is defined as one of the top universal gaming conventions which is spread all over the world, ie a traveling convention/fair.

Though, Sweden is among the favorite venues for this gaming fair. The best thing about this gaming fair is that the attendees are motivated to bring their gadgets, games, costumes, music etc.

There are certain game developers who often grace these events to get a sneak peek of what is happening in the game development universe and to meet all the avid gamers.

The Game Awards

The Game Awards, started by Geoff Keighley, are no less than the Oscars for the whole gaming industry. As the name reflects, this event or convention is basically designed to felicitate the best games made in the gaming industry.

Gamers got the opportunity to vote for their favorite games and to express their opinions on all the new games. Much like the Oscars/BAFTA or other prestigious shows, The Game Awards is available to stream live on all major platforms.

Besides rewarding the gamers, the event is also a marketing platform and serves as a launchpad for various projects (via networking), and announcements of upcoming/planned game releases.

Tokyo Game Show

This one is the game convention for all the fans of Japanese video games, as it is the quintessential gaming event that most Japanese developers and publishers take part in.

The first two days usually welcome all the leaders from the gaming industry. These are the game developers who want to talk about their games and want to talk about all the revolutions taking place in the gaming industry in the form of panel discussions and interviews.

The remaining two days are open to the public, and the structure is not unlike any other gaming expo.

Wrapping Up

The gaming industry has blown up in popularity in the past 5 years and is set to grow even more. From the rise of game-streaming which helped to build ongoing online communities to the rise of eSports games which are a billion-dollar industry on their own, video games and interactive entertainment has solidified their place in the modern lifestyle. Successful engagement-generating events are crucial to keeping such an industry healthily occupied.

As the demand for games grows, so does the quality of games demanded by the masses. Developers push the boundaries in terms of game design, game development, narrative/story, and so much more with every passing year. If you’re interested to know more about the industry, keep an eye out for any of these events!

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