The Best Web Design Certifications

If you work in the web design business, you’ve definitely learned a lot of certifications. A degree is simply proof of your competence in a certain region or field of work. It’s important to remember that a qualification is not a degree, but rather an evidence of competence.

In certain cases, a credential will make you stand out from the crowd and give you an edge in the job market. Employers can also overlook certifications in certain cases. This article would clarify when a web design credential can be incredibly helpful and when it will merely bring style to your resume.

Do All Web Design Certifications Have the Same Value?

When determining whether or not to get a web design certificate, it’s crucial to remember that not all certificates are created equal. Few certifications need you to train for long periods of time and pass a test, while others need you to have years of experience in the field.

The most important web design certifications are those that take a lot of time to achieve. A credential that anybody may receive would not differentiate you from your peers or provide you with any form of career advantage.

Six Web Certifications to Remember

1) Accredited ADOBE Professional (ACE)

Since Adobe is the software of choice for many web developers and designers, the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) credential is a valuable qualification to earn in order to progress your career. You may show proficiency in a variety of digital and online content fields with an ACE credential, including web design, film, rich Internet software, technological communications, and eLearning.

At $180 a certification, Adobe certification tests are really inexpensive. Best of all, Adobe has a variety of test prep courses to support you in preparing for your tests. The ACE certification could make you a high-value asset to any company, given the high demand for Adobe-savvy professionals.

2) WEB DEVELOPMENT Expert WITH Credential

The majority of certifications that require you to take a course aren’t worth your time or money in general, but Mark Lassof’s curriculum is an exception. HTML, CSS, JavaScript Certification, and PHP are also included in this credential. This is an excellent curriculum for a web designer who wants to gain a broad understanding of web design and creation at a low cost.


PHP is a popular scripting language that can assist in the development of interactive, industry-standard websites. You must pass a single, challenging exam that covers PHP, syntax, data types, input/output, programming techniques, security, and object-oriented programming in order to earn this credential. Your exam voucher can be bought for $195.


Microsoft certifications are well-known for being among the most prestigious in the industry. Certifications for Windows Store Apps, desktop software, SharePoint Applications, and website server lifecycle management are available from Microsoft (MCSD). To earn your MCSD credential, you must complete a set of $150 tests.

For a high school or college student who is new to website design and production, the Microsoft MTA Certification is a fantastic choice. You may receive certifications in software development, Windows development, smartphone development, and game development, among other subjects. You will be charged $115 for each multiple-choice test.


Try having the AWS Certified Developer Certification if you build or build software on the AWS platform. This credential will help you demonstrate your ability to create and manage software on the Amazon Web Services platform.

You must have one or two years of experience developing and maintaining AWS-based software, as well as knowledge of at least one high-level programming language, to be qualified for the test. You must also be experienced at designing and creating cloud-based applications in AWS, as well as have some technical experience developing and managing software for different Amazon solutions.

You must pass a multiple-choice test that can take up to 80 minutes to complete in order to obtain this qualification. This test would set you back $150, with a $20 sample exam available for an additional $20.


Employees with good project management experience are required in any enterprise. The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Certification verifies your understanding of agile concepts. Scrum, Kanban, Lean extreme programming (XP), and test-drive creation are only a handful of the methods protected by the PMI-ACP (TDD). If project management is your dream job, you won’t want to miss out on this qualification.

Conclusion: Before you pay for any web design or production technical qualification, make sure it can help you progress your career now or in the future. Many certifications available on the Internet are a waste of money, so speaking with someone in your profession is necessary to stop spending your time and money on a credential that has no merit.

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