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The Best Ways to Stay Comfortable in Your Home Office

Remember when they said we’d only be spending two weeks at home to slow the curve last year?

Thinking it was likely only a short period that we’d have to work from home, chances are high that many of us did not invest in creating a comfortable home office space.

However, a year and a half later and it looks like working from home for many of us could become the norm for a while. So there is no time like the present to make working from home as comfortable as possible.

You don’t need to completely re-do your house to create an inspiring home office. Instead, your space can be transformed through a range of simple hacks and adjusting your daily routine to make the most of your time at home. From working with a personal assistant agency to quality furniture that inspires you, there is a range of ways to enhance your home office experience.

We’ve rounded up the best ways to stay comfortable in your home office for the foreseeable future because you always deserve to have a workspace that you enjoy.

1. Protection for Your Back

One of the main things that can happen if you do not have a comfortable home office is terrible posture. And with lousy posture comes a terrible back. So setting up your desk space to suit your specific body type and height is essential, especially if most of your work is on a computer. And to give your extra back insurance that will remain healthy in your new working environment, we suggest getting an Arrow Posture back brace. It easily slips on and promotes excellent posture and a healthy range of motion. Plus, it is so lightweight you will hardly even realize that you are wearing it. Your body deserves to be looked after in your home office space!

2. A Relaxed Attire

Another great way to stay comfortable in your home office is by making the most of your new work attire. While obviously, we don’t recommend working all day in your pajamas, there is no reason to wear itchy polo shirts or pants that aren’t comfortable. Instead, invest in some excellent work leisure clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. And since you are at home all day, make sure to also throw some knee high compression socks on to enhance your blood circulation and prevent muscle soreness. Since none of your colleagues will see you from the waist down on Zoom calls, there is no reason not to wear compression socks and enhance your wellbeing while you work.

3. Subscribe to Meal Services

While you are working from home, you are still working hard all day. One of the benefits of having your own kitchen nearby is that you can make all of your meals at home rather than spending $20 on a sandwich each day. But meal planning still takes time and effort. So to make all your at-home meals easier, you should subscribe to the JOW meal planning app. This app is basically your very own chef, where it will recommend personalized menus and the ingredients you need. You can even organize it to have all of your ingredients delivered to your home, so all you have to do is pull out the recipe and follow along. Cooking at home has never been easier, and it is something we think you will certainly enjoy doing more of!

4. Treats to Reward Yourself

Speaking of food, you should also have a stash of treats to reward yourself with during a hard day at work. At the office, you likely had that chocolate bar stashed away in one of the drawers for when things got stressful or overwhelming. You should still have that emergency stash of

MiiRO chocolates for when you need a pick-me-up treat. Because while there are perks of working at home, it can still be challenging, and there will be days that you still feel stressed. So vegan chocolate with natural ingredients is the perfect splurge for those days you need it.

5. A Social Network

Working at home takes some adjustment. Especially seeing as your whole social circle for the day with colleagues is now wholly virtual. To make your life in your home office more comfortable and help you manage the range of emotions you are likely experiencing, you should get an online therapist that can help you sort through everything. Mental health is essential in every environment, especially when you are at home all day long!

6. Hire Virtual Help

You don’t have to suffer alone in your home office. However, just because the location of your office changed does not mean the workload has been minimized. If anything, it has likely increased! That is why you should go through an executive assistant recruiting agency to hire you some well-earned help. When looking for an administrative assistant, you can now reach out further and find the perfect one for you through the virtual work world we live in now. The executive assistant agency you go through will be a matchmaker and place the ideal professionals into your life. They are experienced in putting together exceptional teams to work together virtually and accomplish all the business goals at hand. But why stop there? You can also get a personal assistant agency to find you domestic help so you can get your work done with the house chores, kids, meals, and estate are all looked after.

7. Re-Design Your Actual Work Space

Having an area you look forward to going into is one of the best ways to make work-life at home more comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is by getting office furniture that you love. From desks to chairs and storage systems, there are endless furniture options that are designed to fit your space aesthetically, functionally, and comfortably. And of course, don’t forget the little details. This means having a cooling and purifying fan to ensure temperatures remain comfortable, art pieces that make the space bright, vibrant and exciting, and background music that helps get you into that workflow mindset. You will be amazed at how your productivity levels change when you re-create the actual space you work in.

8. Clean Up Your Space Every Day

Because you can’t simply leave your work at the office anymore, you should put the extra effort into tidying up your workspace at the end of the day. Make sure to bring in all the plates and cups to the kitchen, tidy up the paperwork, and dust off your furniture surface. That way, you will have a fresh start the following day when you re-enter the room for the next day of work.

It is more accessible and more affordable than you may think to create a comfortable at-home workspace. From getting great furniture, hiring help for your work and personal life, and finding easy ways to make cooking all your meals at home, you will be able to make the most of your new office space and enjoy the perks of not having to commute to work.

What will you be doing to make your workspace more comfortable?

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